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Create an application in the mPaaS console

Last Updated: Aug 24, 2021

After completing the project creation and generating a signed APK file, go to the mPaaS console to create an application.


  1. Log in to mPaaS console.
  2. Click Create Application. There is no limit to the number of applications that you can create on the console. And you can create applications without any cost.
  3. Complete the application information.
    1. (Required) Enter the application name. Example of application name: mPaaS MCDP.
    2. (Optional) Click + to upload the application icon. If you do not upload the icon, a default icon will be used.
      The size of the application icon should less than 1 MB. The aspect ratio is 1:1. The dimension is between 50 pixels and 200 pixels. And the picture format should be JPG or PNG.
  4. Click Create to complete the application creation. You can see the application list. It includes the applications you created.
  5. Enter the newly created application, choose Code Configuration > Android > Download the Initialize Configuration Now. Enter the Package Name (com.example.mpaascdp is taken as an example here). And upload the compiled and signed APK package.
  6. After the configuration completed, click Download Configuration at the bottom right of the code configuration panel to download the mPaaS configuration file.The downloaded configuration file is a compressed package. After unzipping this package, you will get a configuration file in .config format and an encrypted picture in .jpg format.

Follow-up steps

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