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Mobile Platform as a Service:Prerequisites

Last Updated:Apr 16, 2024

Before you add mPaaS to your project, you need to make the following preparations to satisfy the access condition.

Install Android Studio

  • For the information about downloading Android Studio, see Android Developers.

  • For how to install Android Studio, see Installation guide.

  • If you use the earlier version of Android Studio and install the mPaaS plug-in, you need to upgrade Android Studio to the latest version. Then you can upgrade the mPaaS plug-in to the latest version. For more details, see Upgrade mPaaS plug-ins.

Install the plug-in of Android Studio mPaaS

When using mPaaS, you need the plug-in of Android Studio mPaaS as the assistance to manage. See Install mPaaS plug-ins for more information about the plug-in installation.

Register an Alibaba Cloud account

When using mPaaS, you need an Alibaba Cloud to manage the mPaaS console. Thus, you need to prepare an Alibaba Cloud account. See Create an account for more instructions on the registration process.

Activate mPaaS

Log on to the Alibaba Cloud console. On mPaaS page, click Console or Free Beta to enter Activate products page. Check Terms of Service and click Active Now to activate mPaaS.

Adapt to different CPU architectures and set targetSdkVersion

mPaaS supports three CPU architectures, armeabi, armeabi-v7a, and arm64-v8a, and also supports setting targetSdkVersion as 26 (by default), 28, and 29. While accessing mPaaS, you need to add the following configurations in the build.gradle file under the main Module of the project, in order to apply the single armeabi CPU architecture and set targetSdkVersion.

android {
    defaultConfig {
        targetSdkVersion 26
            abiFilters 'armeabi'

If you need to set targetSdkVersion as 28 or 29, please refer to the corresponding document to finish the configuration.


If you encounter problems with access, please search group number 31591197 with DingTalk to join the DingTalk group for further communication. The DingTalk group has added the mPaaS public cloud Q&A assistant, which can quickly answer common access questions.