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Mobile Platform as a Service:mPaaS Wireless Bodyguard Switches to Blue Shield

Last Updated:Apr 09, 2024

Background information

The Wireless Bodyguard will be out of maintenance from April 1, 2024. At that time, the generation of Wireless Bodyguard pictures and related capabilities will no longer be provided. The Wireless Bodyguard SDK functions used by the original App will not be affected for the time being (please switch to Blue Shield if you have any problems). For newly connected mPaaS App and the original App, if you use related functions of Wireless Bodyguard, please refer to this document to switch to Blue Shield.


Blue Shield is an alternative version of Wireless Bodyguard, including terminal SDK and security pictures. Please refer to the following documents for replacement and test verification:

iOS: mPaaS 10.2.3 Supports Wireless Bodyguard&Blue Shield Switching

Android: The mPaaS 10.2.3 supports wireless bodyguard&blue shield switching

If you are using a customized baseline or have other questions, please search the group number 41708565 to join the DingTalk group or submit a ticket to consult the corresponding after-sales and technical support personnel to see if you can switch to the 10.2.3 baseline.