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Mobile Platform as a Service:Step 4 mPaaS 10.2.3 Support Wireless Bodyguard&Blue Shield Switch (Optional)

Last Updated:Jul 18, 2023

Background information

The matching of wireless bodyguard client SDK and wireless bodyguard pictures is one of the basic dependency capabilities of mPaaS and is widely used in mPaaS products. In order to further improve the compatibility of mPaaS products in various scenarios and meet higher compliance requirements, mPaaS provides Blue Shield capability as an alternative to wireless bodyguard capability to support scenarios that wireless bodyguards cannot meet.

Current situation

At present, mPaaS has completed the adaptation and testing of supporting wireless bodyguard switching Blue Shield in the baseline version of Android and above. If you use the baseline of 10.1.68 or earlier, please upgrade to the latest version of 10.2.3.

Upgrade aseline

Upgrade the baseline version to or later.

Current baseline is 10.1.68 primary baseline

Please refer to mPaaS 10.2.3 Upgrade Guide to upgrade to the latest baseline of 10.2.3 and make relevant adaptation.

The current baseline is a custom baseline

If you are using a custom baseline, search for the group number 41708565 to join the DingTalk group or submit a ticket to consult the corresponding after-sales and technical helpdesk.

Upgrade Toolchain&Switch Blue Shield

Install Android Studio Flamingo | 2022.2.1 and later and mPaaS 3.0.230609 and later.

Remove the wireless bodyguard component

Remove securityguard-build dependency libraries by gradle exclude in the app module build.gradle.

configurations.all {
    exclude group: '', module:

Add a Blue Shield component

Add the Blue Shield sdk dependency.

implementation ""// Blue Shield SDK dependencies

Generate a Blue Shield image

Upgrade the dependencies of the easyconfig plug-in:

classpath ''

Fill in the relevant information as shown in the following figure to generate a Blue Shield image:


Description of key input items in the preceding figure:

  • Release Apk : The release apk package packaged by the mPaaS project, you must sign the package.

  • MD5: After the release apk package is uploaded, it will be filled in automatically, that is, the public md5 key of the apk package.

  • mPaaS config File: Click Download Configuration on the mPaaS console to download the .config file and import it.

  • appSecret: View in the mPaaS console, as shown in the following figure.

  • Other items appId, packageName, outPath will be automatically identified and filled in after the above information is passed in.

Finally, add the generated image to the assets directory of the project.

Check whether the Blue Shield image is configured successfully

Drag the apk package to Android Studio to see if there is abs_1222.jpg in the assets directory of apk. If there is, the Blue Shield picture is successfully configured.


Configure a switch to Blue Shield

Add meta-data to the AndroidManifest.xml file.

!" -- value description: antGroup is a Blue Shield -->

mpaas_security_mode are options for the tool used by RPC signing.

List of libraries that support Blue Shield updates

  • Mobile gateway

  • Mobile dispatch center

  • Data synchronization

  • Multimedia

  • Mini program

  • Location Based Service

  • Unified Storage

  • Some internal dependent components

  • Ant Dynamic Card

Scope of test verification

After the Blue Shield switch is completed, perform a regression test on the app based on the preceding change list.