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Mobile Platform as a Service:Analyze common tracking logs

Last Updated:May 06, 2022

Analyze the logs reported by mtracker using the custom analysis function of Mobile Analysis Service.


Make sure that you understand the features of custom analysis. For more information, see Custom analysis.

About this task

When you add a mtracker-related tracking event, the tracking event ID is also the custom event ID. See the parameter eventId in Common tracking types.

When you add an extended attribute in mtracker, see the following preset extended attribute introduction for reference.

Attribute ID



The userAgent of browser


The full URL of the current page


Channel source


  1. Add a mtracker-related event. For the specific steps, see Configure events.

  2. Add the extended attribute in mtracker. Attributes prefixed with data-mtr- are custom attributes that can be customized. The prefix data-mtr- will be removed from the reported tracking logs. For how to add the extended attributes, see Configure attributes.

  3. Analyze the data reported by mTracker by analyzing the events. For the specific steps, see Add event analysis.

  4. Display data through the custom dashboard. For the specific steps, see Create custom dashboards.