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Mobile Platform as a Service:About custom analysis

Last Updated:Jan 18, 2021

Custom analysis implements multi-dimension, real-time analysis through On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) based on mPaaS custom events to meet the requirements of different businesses on the cloud, and generates and saves various reports based on the predefined query conditions and scenarios on the front end.

Multi-dimension, real-time analysis provides real-time analysis based on the client custom event model, which includes the following parts:

  • Event metadata configuration management
  • Custom analysis model
  • Custom analysis mode
  • Front-end custom analysis report


  • Event metadata configuration management maintains the current App’s various indicator data that need to be analyzed in real time. Such data is not only the foundation for analysis, but also the basis for OLAP database table creation and query.

  • Custom analysis model and custom analysis mode together represent a special type of custom analysis function, such as event analysis and funnel analysis. Each model has its own particular query mode.

  • Front-end Custom analysis report generates different reports for front-end presentation based on different models and query conditions, thus facilitating your analysis and processing.

You can create a custom dashboard to present the results of custom analysis in different types of reports. The current version supports the following types of analysis:

  • Custom event analysis: You can upload custom analysis events based on your business conditions. mPaaS provides a powerful OLAP engine to implement multi-dimensional custom event analysis.

  • Behavior analysis: mPaaS behavior analysis encapsulates various general behavior analysis indicators, such as retention rate, user/device visit trend, proportion of devices, proportion of versions, hot page, and the distribution of visit time.