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Mobile Platform as a Service:Activate mPaaSAbout Mini Program

Last Updated:Aug 23, 2023

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Mini Program is derived from Alipay Mini Framework and inherits Alipay Mini Framework’s ease of development, cross-platform approach, and native performance, allowing you to embed mini programs in your own Apps and many other Apps, such as DingTalk, Taobao, and Alipay, and quickly build packages. Based on mPaaS Mini Program, you can fast optimize the release package size, and save traffic and storage space. The service iteration will no longer be restricted by version release, namely, you can fast release the mini programs and implement iteration on demand. With the unified development standards, you even can develop a mini program once and deploy it to multiple platforms.


  • Unify development standards to realize “develop once, deploy anywhere”

    Inheriting the native IDE of Alipay Mini Program, Mini Program provides the one-stop capability integrating development, debugging and release, greatly speeds the requirement iteration, and guarantees the release quality. As a brand-new mobile development mode, mPaaS Mini Program deeply integrates the HTML5’s ease of development, cross-platform approach, and native performance, allowing you to code once and reuse them on multiple platforms.

  • Realize dynamic App release and update

    New App versions, mini program packages, and switch configurations can be easily released through the mPaaS Mini Program. Mini Program publishing service supports official release and gray release. You can effectively verify if content to be released has any potential risks. Meanwhile, it supports publishing the App from multiple dimensions, such as whitelist, model, city, and OS version, thus realizing dynamic management of the overall application.

How to use

  1. Activate Mini Program.

    Activate mPaaS, create an mPaaS App, and download the corresponding configuration file.

  2. Introduce Mini Program.

    Use the mPaaS IDE plugin to add the Mini Program framework to you project. For more information, refer to:

  3. Develop and release a mini program.

    Use the Mini Program IDE to implement development and test, and run the mini program in your project. For more information, see Develop Mini Program.