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About client diagnosis

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Client diagnosis refers to obtaining the diagnosis logs written by client from server, and then diagnosing client problems based on the diagnosis logs.

You can write the diagnostic log to the key link of the client. When an online error occurs, you can send a diagnosis instruction via the console to pull the diagnosis logs so as to troubleshoot the problem. The client diagnosis function allows you to pull diagnosis logs by using Mobile Sync Service (Sync) or Message Push Service (Push) component. For more information, see About Mobile Sync Service and About Message Push Service.

How it works

The console sends log diagnosis instructions to the client based on different diagnosis channels, which include SYNC and PUSH. After the client receives the diagnosis instruction, it reports the diagnosis log to the log gateway. After the diagnosis log is successfully reported, you can download the diagnosis log file from the console. The following figure shows how the client diagnosis function works.


Integrate and use client diagnosis function

For how to integrate and use the client diagnosis function on Android clients, see Android client diagnosis; for how to integrate and use the client diagnosis function on iOS clients, see Add iOS SDK and Use iOS SDK.