This topic describes the basic concepts of MaxCompute jobs and the common operations you can perform on MaxCompute jobs.

Background information

In MaxCompute, a job is made up of one or more tasks. Tasks are the basic compute unit of MaxCompute. For more information about tasks, see Task. You can create three types of data development jobs in MaxCompute: periodically scheduled jobs, data synchronization jobs, and data analytics jobs.

Common operations

Data type editions

You can develop data in MaxCompute by using the following data type editions: MaxCompute V1.0 data type edition, MaxCompute V2.0 data type edition, and Hive-compatible data type edition. In MaxCompute V2.0, the MaxCompute V2.0 data type edition and Hive-compatible data type edition are introduced to maintain compatibility with mainstream open source products. You can select a data type edition for your MaxCompute job based on your business requirements. For more information, see Data type editions.