Deletes an existing user-defined function (UDF) from a MaxCompute project.


drop function <function_name>;


function_name: required. The name of an existing UDF.


-- Delete the my_lower function. 
drop function my_lower;

Related statements

  • CREATE SQL FUNCTION: After you create a permanent SQL function and store it in the metadata system, all the query statements can reference this function.
  • CREATE FUNCTION: Creates a UDF in a MaxCompute project.
  • FUNCTION: If you do not need to store SQL functions in the metadata system of MaxCompute, you can create temporary SQL functions.
  • DESC FUNCTION: Views the information of a specified UDF in a MaxCompute project. The information includes the name, owner, creation time, class name, and resource list of the UDF.
  • LIST FUNCTIONS: Views the information of all UDFs in a MaxCompute project.
  • SELECT FUNCTION: Calls an SQL function.