If your account balance and vouchers cannot cover the previous billing cycle, your Alibaba Cloud account is considered to have an overdue payment. This topic describes the impact of an overdue payment on the use of Function Compute and how to resume the service use.

Billing cycle

Function Compute calculates fees on an hourly basis. At the beginning of every hour, Function Compute calculates the fees of your service use in the last hour. The fees are automatically deducted from your applicable payment methods, and a bill is generated for later inquiry and review. For more information, see Billing.

Impact of an overdue payment

After a payment is overdue, you can continue to use Function Compute for 360 hours. If you do not settle the payment within 360 hours, Function Compute is frozen. The following list describes how Function Compute and its features are affected by overdue payments:

Notice If you have an overdue payment, Function Compute sends you a notification. To continue access to Function Compute resources, we recommend that you settle your overdue payment within the prescribed time limit. If you have further questions, contact the Function Compute engineers. For more information, see Contact us.
  • Functions that are being executed are not suspended, but they cannot be executed again after the execution is complete. New requests are not processed.
  • Scheduled functions are no longer triggered.

Service restoration

After you settle the overdue amount, you can resume the use of Function Compute. For more information, see What should I do if I have an overdue payment?.

If an overdue payment is settled within 96 hours, requests in the asynchronous invocation queue are processed after the service use is resumed.


Function Compute can be flexibly used with other Alibaba Cloud services to meet diverse business needs. Different Alibaba Cloud services adopt different billing methods. To ensure that you can use Function Compute without interruption, keep track of your usage of Function Compute and other Alibaba Cloud services, and your account balance. In addition, pay attention to the notifications on overdue payment, including text messages and emails.

You can refer to the following topics to understand the billing methods of other Alibaba Cloud services: