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Function Compute (2.0):Overdue payments

Last Updated:Mar 11, 2024

If your account balance, vouchers, and coupons within your Alibaba Cloud account combined are less than the payable amount, an overdue payment is generated for your account. You can delete Function Compute resources that are no longer in use or top up your account in a timely manner to ensure service continuity.

Billing cycle

You are charged for using resources in Function Compute on an hourly basis. At the beginning of each billing cycle, the bill of the previous cycle is generated and payment is made from the account balance or vouchers. For more information, see Billing overview.

Rules for handling overdue payments


Alibaba Cloud supports suspension protection, which allows you to continue to use a service within a specific quota or period of time when you have an overdue payment on pay-as-you-go resources.

The following figure shows how Function Compute handles overdue payments.

  • The following items describe how Function Compute handles overdue payments if the suspension protection feature is not enabled.

    • Overdue for less than 7 days

      All Function Compute services are frozen. The following items describe the details:

      • On-demand instances continue to process in-progress requests. After the requests are processed, functions are no longer executed and cannot process new requests. Provisioned instances are deleted after request execution ends.

      • Scheduled functions are no longer triggered.

      • Requests in the asynchronous invocation queue are not processed. After 96 hours, requests that have not been processed are removed from the request queue.

      A reminder that Function Compute is about to be suspended is sent at the 12th, 24th, 48th, 72nd, 96th, 120th, 144th and 167th hours since the overdue payment is generated.

    • Overdue for 7 days or more

      Function Compute stops providing services, and requests or tasks are no longer executed. However, function code and configurations are retained. If you want to use Function Compute again, top up your account until all overdue payments are settled.

  • If you enable suspension protection, the following rules apply when Function Compute handles overdue payments:

    • If an overdue period is within the protection period or quota, Function Compute continues to provide services.

    • If an overdue period exceeds the protection period or quota, Function Compute starts to count days of the overdue payment and applies the preceding overdue rules based on the overdue days.


To prevent impacts on your business, make sure that payments are settled in a timely manner.

View overdue payments

  1. Log on to User Center.

  2. On the Account Overview page, view overdue payments.

You can view billing details of billable items in each Alibaba Cloud service. For more information, see View billing records.

Resume services

After you settle the overdue payment, Function Compute restores services. For more information, see Renewal guide for the international site (

If an overdue payment is settled within 96 hours, requests in the asynchronous invocation queue are processed after the service is resumed.


Function Compute can meet requirements in business scenarios. Function Compute can be used with other Alibaba Cloud services, such as Object Storage Service (OSS), Simple Log Service, and EventBridge in various scenarios in a flexible manner. The billing methods of these Alibaba Cloud services are different. The billing rules of each Alibaba Cloud prevail.

To ensure that you can use Function Compute as expected, we recommend that you pay attention to resource usage of Function Compute and other Alibaba Cloud services, account balance, text messages, and emails about overdue payment reminders, and plan resources based on business requirements. For more information, see View bills.