Alibaba Cloud Logstash provides cluster monitoring features that help you understand the health statuses of your Logstash clusters in real time. This topic describes the monitoring features and their use scenarios.

Feature Use scenario
Configure a custom alert policy

To ensure the stability of your Logstash cluster, we recommend that you configure monitoring and alerting for the cluster. This way, the system can monitor items in real time, such as cluster status and disk usage. We recommend that you check notifications that are sent to you through text messages and take appropriate measures at the earliest opportunity.

You can configure the following metrics for a Logstash cluster in CloudMonitor.
  • Node Disk Usage
  • Node Heap Memory Usage
  • Node CPU Usage
  • Node 1m Load
Enable the X-Pack Monitoring feature If you want to use the Kibana service to monitor your Logstash cluster, you can enable the X-Pack Monitoring feature for the Logstash cluster and associate the Logstash cluster with an Elasticsearch cluster. This way, you can view the monitoring data of the Logstash cluster in the Kibana console of the Elasticsearch cluster.