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Last Updated:Aug 23, 2023

Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch and Logstash clusters support the subscription and pay-as-you-go billing methods. This topic describes the pay-as-you-go billing method.

Billing rulePay-as-you-go is a billing method that allows you to use resources before you pay for them. You can purchase and release resources based on your business requirements. You do not need to purchase a large number of resources in advance.
Use scenarioThe pay-as-you-go billing method is suitable for the following business scenarios:
  • Program development or functional testing
  • Temporary use of resources
    Note You can release or scale in pay-as-you-go clusters based on your business requirements to reduce costs.
Billing cycleYou are billed for your pay-as-you-go Elasticsearch and Logstash clusters every hour on the hour (in UTC+8). A new billing cycle starts after the previous bill is paid. If the sum of the balance and vouchers in your Alibaba Cloud account is less than the amount that you need to pay, the system sends you a notification by text message or email.
Switching to subscriptionAfter you create a pay-as-you-go Elasticsearch or Logstash cluster, you can switch the billing method of the cluster from pay-as-you-go to subscription. For more information, see Change the billing method of a cluster from pay-as-you-go to subscription.
Impact of overdue payments on resourcesFor more information, see Overdue payments.
PricingFor more information about the pricing of pay-as-you-go Elasticsearch and Logstash clusters, see Pricing of Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch. For more information about the billable items and billing rules of pay-as-you-go Elasticsearch and Logstash clusters, see Elasticsearch billable items and Logstash billable items.