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ENS:Activate ENS

Last Updated:Mar 07, 2024

Before you activate Edge Node Service (ENS), you must submit your business requirements such as business scenarios, computing power specifications, and computing power distribution. After you submit the request, contact your account manager for compliance and requirement review.


An Alibaba Cloud account is created and real-name verification is completed.


  1. Go to the ENS product page.

  2. Click Console.

  3. On the ENS Service Requirement Application page, enter the required content and click Submit.

    You must enter the content based on your requirements.



    Business Name

    Enter the name of your enterprise.


    Enter the official website of your enterprise.


    Enter the industry of your enterprise. Valid values: General, Education, Video, Gaming, and Other.

    Nodes Required

    Enter one or more entries in the format of region+Internet service provider (ISP). Example: heilongjiang-telecom,inner mongolia-unicom.

    Instances Required

    Enter the number of instances that you require. Valid values: 0-10, 11-100, 101-500, and More than 500.

    Requirement Description

    Enter your business requirements.

    Phone Number

    Enter your phone number to receive the review results in a timely manner.


    Enter your Email address to receive the review results in a timely manner.

  4. Contact your account manager for compliance and requirement review.

    • If your request is approved, you can log on to the ENS console to use ENS.

    • If your request is rejected, you must check the content and re-enter it or submit a ticket to contact your account manager.

What to do next

After you activate ENS, you can create a custom image or an instance. For more information, see Use the image builder to create a custom image and Create and manage instances.