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Enterprise Distributed Application Service:Overview

Last Updated:Dec 13, 2023

Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS) is integrated with Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS). This allows you to monitor the health status and key metrics of Java applications deployed in Elastic Compute Service (ECS) clusters in EDAS. You can also configure alert rules for monitoring metrics to detect and resolve exceptions or failures at the earliest opportunity. This ensures the health and availability of applications.

Application monitoring

The application monitoring module includes submodules such as application overview, application details, and interface call.

  • The application monitoring module is provided by ARMS. You are not charged for using this module.

  • If you require the full application monitoring capabilities of ARMS, you can click Enable Advanced Monitoring on the Advanced Monitoring page to connect the current application to ARMS. After you enable advanced application monitoring, the cost of the feature is included in the bill for ARMS.




Application Overview

Displays the health status and key metrics of the application, including an overview, related events, services provided, dependent services, and system information, such as CPU utilization, memory usage, and load.

Application overview

Application Details

Displays an overview and core metrics such as the Java virtual machine (JVM), host, SQL analysis, NoSQL analysis, error analysis, upstream applications, downstream applications, and interface snapshots of the application and instances.

Application details

Interface Call

Displays core metrics, an overview, SQL calls, NoSQL calls, errors, upstream and downstream links, and key metric data of interfaces.

API call


You can create alert rules for monitoring metrics. If an alert rule is triggered, EDAS sends a notification to an alert group by using the specified methods. This allows you to handle the alert at the earliest opportunity.