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Data Security Center:Billing

Last Updated:Apr 10, 2024

Data Security Center (DSC) uses the subscription billing method. This topic describes the billing of DSC.

Billable items

Billable item


Enterprise edition

Number of database instances

1 to 20 instances

USD 400 per instance-month

21 to 50 instances

USD 300 per instance-month

51 to 100 instances

USD 250 per instance-month

More than 100 instances

USD 200 per instance-month

Object Storage Service (OSS) storage capacity (in increments of 1,000 GB)

1,000 GB~10,000 GB

USD 0.2 per GB-month

11,000 GB~100,000 GB

USD 0.15 per GB-month

100,001 GB~500,000 GB

USD 0.12 per GB-month

More than 500,000 GB

USD 0.1 per GB-month

DSC provides the Enterprise Edition to meet the requirements of Multi-Level Protection Scheme (MLPS) 2.0 Level 3. DSC Enterprise Edition supports the following features:

  • Sensitive data identification: DSC identifies sensitive data in your assets based on built-in and custom identification models and allows you to search for sensitive data.

  • Data de-identification: DSC supports dynamic de-identification and static de-identification. You can use the feature to protect sensitive data in your assets.

Billing method

DSC uses the subscription billing method. The fee is calculated by using the following formula: Billable items × Subscription duration.


You can request a full refund for DSC within five days of placing the order. To request a refund, submit a ticket.