The following tables list API operations available for use in Object Storage Service (OSS).

Service operations

API Description
GetService (ListBuckets) Queries all buckets owned by the requester.

Bucket operations

Category API Description
Basic operation PutBucket Creates a bucket.
DeleteBucket Deletes a bucket.
GetBucket(ListObject) Queries the information about all objects in a bucket.
GetBucketV2 (ListObjectsV2)
GetBucketInfo Queries bucket information.
GetBucketLocation Queries the region of a bucket.
Retention policy InitiateBucketWorm Creates a retention policy.
AbortBucketWorm Deletes an unlocked retention policy.
CompleteBucketWorm Locks a retention policy.
ExtendBucketWorm Extends the retention duration (days) of objects in a bucket for which a retention policy is locked.
GetBucketWorm Queries the retention policy configured for a bucket.
Access control list (ACL) PutBucketAcl Configures the ACL feature for a bucket.
GetBucketAcl Queries the ACL of a bucket.
Lifecycle PutBucketLifecycle Configures lifecycle rules configured for objects in a bucket.
GetBucketLifecycle Queries lifecycle rules configured for objects in a bucket.
DeleteBucketLifecycle Deletes lifecycle rules configured for objects in a bucket.
Transfer acceleration PutBucketTransferAcceleration Configures transfer acceleration for a bucket.
GetBucketTransferAcceleration Queries the transfer acceleration configurations of the specified bucket.
Versioning PutBucketVersioning Configures the versioning status of a bucket.
GetBucketVersioning Queries the versioning status of a bucket.
GetBucketVersions(ListObjectVersions) Queries the versions of all objects in a bucket.
Cross-region replication (CRR) PutBucketReplication Configures cross-region replication (CRR) rules for a bucket.
GetBucketReplication Queries the CRR rules configured for a bucket.
GetBucketReplicationLocation Queries the regions in which the destination bucket can be located.
GetBucketReplicationProgress Queries the progress of a CRR task performed on a bucket.
DeleteBucketReplication Stops the CRR tasks of a bucket and deletes the CRR rule configured for the bucket.
Bucket policy PutBucketPolicy Configures bucket policies.
GetBucketPolicy Queries the policies configured for a bucket.
DeleteBucketPolicy Deletes bucket policies.
Inventory PutBucketInventory Configures inventory rules for a bucket.
GetBucketInventory Queries the specified inventory task configured for a bucket.
ListBucketInventory Queries all inventory tasks configured for a bucket.
DeleteBucketInventory Deletes a specified inventory task configured for a bucket.
Logging PutBucketLogging Enables logging for a bucket.
GetBucketLogging Queries the logging configuration of a bucket.
DeleteBucketLogging Disables the logging feature for a bucket.
Static website hosting PutBucketWebsite Enables static website hosting for a bucket.
GetBucketWebsite Queries the static website hosting status of the bucket.
DeleteBucketWebsite Disables static website hosting for a bucket.
Hotlink protection PutBucketReferer Configures hotlink protection for a bucket.
GetBucketReferer Queries the hotlink protection information of a bucket.
Tag PutBucketTags Adds tags to a bucket or modify the tags of a bucket
GetBucketTags Queries the tags of a bucket.
DeleteBucketTags Deletes the tags of a bucket.
Encryption PutBucketEncryption Configures encryption rules for a bucket.
GetBucketEncryption Queries the encryption rules of a bucket.
DeleteBucketEncryption Deletes the encryption rules configured for a bucket.
Pay-by-requester PutBucketRequestPayment Enables pay-by-requester for a bucket.
GetBucketRequestPayment Queries the pay-by-requester configurations of a bucket.
Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) PutBucketCors Configures CORS rules for the specified bucket.
GetBucketCors Queries the CORS rules configured for the specified bucket.
DeleteBucketCors Disable the CORS feature for the specified bucket and clears all CORS rules.
Options Before a cross-origin request is sent, the browser sends a preflight (OPTIONS) request that includes a specific origin, HTTP method, and header information to OSS to determine whether to send the cross-origin request.

Object operations

Category APi Description
Basic operation PutObject Uploads an object.
GetObject Queries an object.
CopyObject Copies an object.
AppendObject Uploads an object by appending the object to an existing object.
DeleteObject Deletes a single object
DeleteMultipleObjects Deletes multiple objects.
HeadObject Queries only the metadata of an object but not the object content.
GetObjectMeta Queries only the basic metadata of an object, including ETag, Size, and LastModified, but not the object content.
PostObject Uploads an object by using an HTML form.
Callback Implements callback by sending a request that contains callback parameters to OSS.
RestoreObject Restores objects of the Archive and Cold Archive storage classes.
SelectObject Executes SQL statements on an object. After the SQL statements are executed, execution results are returned.
Directory management CreateDirectory Creates a directory.
Rename Renames a directory or an object.
DeleteDirectory Deletes a directory.
Multipart upload InitiateMultipartUpload Initiates a multipart upload task.
UploadPart Uploads an object by part based on the specified object name and the upload ID.
UploadPartCopy Copies data from an existing object to upload a part by adding an x-oss-copy-source request header to UploadPart and call UploadPartCopy.
CompleteMultipartUpload Completes the multipart upload task of an object by calling CompleteMultipartUpload.
AbortMultipartUpload Cancels a multipart upload task and deletes uploaded parts.
ListMultipartUploads Lists all multipart upload tasks in progress. The tasks are not completed or canceled.
ListParts Lists all parts uploaded by the multipart upload task that has the specified upload ID.
Access control list (ACL) PutObjectACL Modifies the ACL of an object.
GetObjectACL Queries the ACL of an object.
Symbolic link PutSymlink Creates a symbolic link.
GetSymlink Queries a symbolic link.
Tagging PutObjectTagging Configures or updates the tags of an object.
GetObjectTagging Queries the tags of an object.
DeleteObjectTagging Deletes the specified tags of an object.

LiveChannel operations

API Description
PutLiveChannelStatus Switches the status of a LiveChannel.
PutLiveChannel Creates a LiveChannel.
GetVodPlaylist Queries the playlist of a LiveChannel.
PostVodPlaylist Creates a playlist for a LiveChannel.
GetLiveChannelStat Queries the ingestion status of a LiveChannel.
GetLiveChannelInfo Queries the configuration information of a LiveChannel.
GetLiveChannelHistory Queries the ingestion history of a LiveChannel.
ListLiveChannel Lists information of the specified LiveChannel.
DeleteLiveChannel Deletes a LiveChannel.