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Object Storage Service:DeleteLiveChannel

Last Updated:Apr 28, 2024

You can call this operation to delete a specified LiveChannel.

Request structure

  • If you send a DeleteLiveChannel request to delete a LiveChannel to which a client is ingesting streams, the request fails.

  • When you call this operation to delete a LiveChannel, only the LiveChannel is deleted. Files generated during stream ingestion are not deleted.

DELETE /ChannelName? live HTTP/1.1
Date: GMT date
Authorization: SignatureValue


Sample request

DELETE /test-channel? live HTTP/1.1
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2016 07:32:26 GMT
Authorization: OSS qn6q**************:77Dv****************

Sample response

HTTP/1.1 204
content-length: 0
server: AliyunOSS
connection: keep-alive
x-oss-request-id: 57BE9F0AB92475920B0*****
date: Thu, 25 Aug 2016 07:32:26 GMT