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Management chaincode

Last Updated: Dec 15, 2021

To add an organization from an external Hyperledger Fabric environment to a channel in Alibaba Cloud BaaS, you must bind a management chaincode to the channel. The management chaincode is used to coordinate the requests for changing channel configurations and the signatures of organizations.


To avoid unnecessary operations, bind a management chaincode to a channel in Alibaba Cloud BaaS only after you have decided to add an external organization to the channel. When binding the management chain code, please complete the corresponding operation according to the version of the instance you purchased.

Bind a management chaincode

  1. Download the standard management chaincode package provided by Alibaba Cloud BaaS. The default name of the management chaincode is cmcc. You can select from two versions:

    • Click here to download the management chaincode package of V1.4.

    • Click here to download the management chaincode package of V2.2.

  2. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud BaaS console. In the My Organizations section of the Overview page, click the name of an organization that is in the target channel.

  3. (V1.4) Click the Chaincodes tab. Then follow the steps in Deploy chaincodes to upload, install, and instantiate the management chaincode.

  4. If you use the management chaincode of V2.2, click the Chaincode Package management tab on the page that appears. Then, upload the management chaincode, install it, and submit its definition. For more information, see Deploy chaincodes.

  5. Click the Chaincodes tab. On the Chaincodes tab, click Bind Management Chaincode.Bind management chaincode

  6. In the pane that appears, select the management chaincode record for the target channel and click Bind.Select the management chaincode record

  7. Check the binding result. The management chaincode is marked with the Management Chaincode identifier and the target channel is marked with the Hybrid Channel identifier.Management Chaincode identifier

  8. Repeat the preceding steps for every organization in the target channel to deploy and bind the management chaincode for all of them.