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Data Management:List of operations by function

Last Updated:Apr 11, 2024
This product(dms-enterprise/2018-11-01) OpenAPI adopts RPC Signature style. See signature details in Description of the signature mechanism. We have packaged SDKs for common programming languages for developers. Developers can directly call the OpenAPI of this product by downloading the SDK without paying attention to the technical details. If the existing SDK cannot meet the usage requirements, you can connect through the signature mechanism. It will take about 5 working days. Therefore, it is recommended to join our DingTalk service group (11370001915) and sign under the guidance of experts.
Before using the API, you need to prepare your identity account and access key (AccessKey) to effectively access the API through client tools (SDK, CLI, etc.). For details see getAccessKey.

User management

DeleteUserDeleteUserRemoves a user from Data Management (DMS).
UpdateUserUpdateUserUpdates the information about a user.
DisableUserDisableUserDisables a user that is temporarily not used in Data Management (DMS).
EnableUserEnableUserEnables a user that is disabled.
ListUsersListUsersQueries the details of users.
GetUserGetUserQueries the information about a user.
GetUserActiveTenantGetUserActiveTenantQueries details of the active tenant.
ListUserTenantsListUserTenantsQueries tenants.
RegisterUserRegisterUserAdds a user of your enterprise.

Instance management

ListInstancesListInstancesQueries the information about database instances.
GetInstanceGetInstanceQueries the details of a database instance.
DeleteInstanceDeleteInstanceRemoves a database instance from Data Management (DMS).
RegisterInstanceRegisterInstanceRegisters a database instance in Data Management (DMS).
UpdateInstanceUpdateInstanceUpdates the information about a database instance and checks the connectivity of the database instance.

Operation audit

GetOpLogGetOpLogQueries the details of operation logs that are generated in a specified period of time.
ListInstanceLoginAuditLogListInstanceLoginAuditLogQueries the logon records of an instance.
ListProxySQLExecAuditLogListProxySQLExecAuditLogQueries the audit logs generated by the secure access proxy feature.
ListSQLExecAuditLogListSQLExecAuditLogQueries the audit logs of SQL statements that are executed in Data Management (DMS).

Approval processes management

ListWorkFlowTemplatesListWorkFlowTemplatesQueries approval templates.
ListWorkFlowNodesListWorkFlowNodesQueries approval nodes.

Metadata management of databases and tables

Logic databases and tablesLogic databases and tables
CreateLogicDatabaseCreateLogicDatabaseCreates a logical database in Data Management (DMS).
AddLogicTableRouteConfigAddLogicTableRouteConfigAdds a routing algorithm to a logical table.
DeleteLogicDatabaseDeleteLogicDatabaseDeletes a logical database from Data Management (DMS). This operation only deletes the specified logical database but does not delete physical databases.
DeleteLogicTableRouteConfigDeleteLogicTableRouteConfigDeletes a routing algorithm from a logical table.
ListLogicDatabasesListLogicDatabasesQueries the detailed information about logical databases.
GetLogicDatabaseGetLogicDatabaseQueries the details of a logical database.
ListLogicTablesListLogicTablesQueries the details of the logical tables in a logical database.
GetDBTopologyGetDBTopologyQueries the topologies of a logical database and its physical database shards.
GetTableDBTopologyGetTableDBTopologyQueries the topology of a data table.
ListLogicTableRouteConfigListLogicTableRouteConfigQueries the routing algorithms of a logical table.
EditLogicDatabaseEditLogicDatabaseEdits the information about a logical database.
SearchDatabaseSearchDatabaseQueries the details of the databases.
SearchTableSearchTableQueries detailed information about tables.
ListDatabasesListDatabasesQueries the databases in a database instance.
ListTablesListTablesQueries the tables in a database.
ListColumnsListColumnsReturns the column information of a table.
ListIndexesListIndexesQueries the indexes of a table.
GetDatabaseGetDatabaseQueries details of a specific database.
GetPhysicalDatabaseGetPhysicalDatabaseQueries the details of a physical database.
GetTableTopologyGetTableTopologyQueries the topology of a table.
GetMetaTableDetailInfoGetMetaTableDetailInfoQueries the details of columns and indexes in a table.
GetMetaTableColumnGetMetaTableColumnQueries the details of columns in a table.
SyncInstanceMetaSyncInstanceMetaSynchronizes the metadata of all databases in a database instance.
SyncDatabaseMetaSyncDatabaseMetaSynchronizes the metadata of a database.

Ticket management

General operationsGeneral operations
CreateOrderCreateOrderCreates a ticket.
GetApprovalDetailGetApprovalDetailQueries the approval details of a ticket.
ListOrdersListOrdersQueries tickets.
GetOrderBaseInfoGetOrderBaseInfoQueries the basic information about a ticket.
SubmitOrderApprovalSubmitOrderApprovalSubmits a ticket for approval.
ApproveOrderApproveOrderReviews a ticket.
CloseOrderCloseOrderCloses a ticket.
GetOrderAttachmentFileGetOrderAttachmentFileQueries the download URL of the attachment of a ticket.
Permission applicationPermission application
GetOwnerApplyOrderDetailGetOwnerApplyOrderDetailQueries the details of the Database-OWNER, Table-OWNER, and Instance-OWNER tickets.
GetPermApplyOrderDetailGetPermApplyOrderDetailQueries the details of a ticket that applies for permissions.
Database and table synchronizationDatabase and table synchronization
CreateStructSyncOrderCreateStructSyncOrderCreates a schema synchronization ticket.
GetStructSyncOrderDetailGetStructSyncOrderDetailQueries the details of a schema synchronization ticket.
GetStructSyncJobDetailGetStructSyncJobDetailQueries the information of a schema synchronization task.
GetStructSyncJobAnalyzeResultGetStructSyncJobAnalyzeResultQueries the analysis result of a schema synchronization task.
GetStructSyncExecSqlDetailGetStructSyncExecSqlDetailQueries the SQL statements that are involved in a schema synchronization ticket.
SubmitStructSyncOrderApprovalSubmitStructSyncOrderApprovalSubmits a schema synchronization ticket for approval.
ExecuteStructSyncExecuteStructSyncExecutes a schema synchronization task.
Data changeData change
CreateDataCorrectOrderCreateDataCorrectOrderCreates a data change ticket.
CreateDataCronClearOrderCreateDataCronClearOrderCreates a ticket for clearing historical data.
CreateDataImportOrderCreateDataImportOrderCreates a ticket for importing data to Data Management (DMS).
CreateFreeLockCorrectOrderCreateFreeLockCorrectOrderCreates a lock-free change ticket.
ModifyDataCorrectExecSQLModifyDataCorrectExecSQLModifies the SQL script that is submitted in a data change ticket.
PauseDataCorrectSQLJobPauseDataCorrectSQLJobPauses a SQL task for data change.
GetDataCorrectTaskDetailGetDataCorrectTaskDetailQueries the information about a data change, lock-free data change, or data import task.
GetDataCronClearTaskDetailListGetDataCronClearTaskDetailListQueries the details of a historical data cleansing ticket.
GetDataCorrectRollbackFileGetDataCorrectRollbackFileQueries the download URL of the rollback attachment submitted along with a data change ticket.
GetDataCorrectBackupFilesGetDataCorrectBackupFilesQueries the download URL of the backup file for a data change ticket in Data Management (DMS).
GetDataCorrectOrderDetailGetDataCorrectOrderDetailQueries the information about a data change ticket in Data Management (DMS).
GetDataCronClearConfigGetDataCronClearConfigQueries the scheduling configuration of a ticket for cleaning up historical data.
GetDataCorrectSQLFileGetDataCorrectSQLFileQueries the download URL of the SQL script for a data change task.
ListDataCorrectPreCheckSQLListDataCorrectPreCheckSQLQueries the information about SQL statements that are involved in the precheck of a data change ticket.
ListDataCorrectPreCheckDBListDataCorrectPreCheckDBQueries the databases that are involved in the precheck of a data change ticket.
ExecuteDataCorrectExecuteDataCorrectExecutes a data change ticket.
RetryDataCorrectPreCheckRetryDataCorrectPreCheckReruns the precheck for a data change ticket.
RestartDataCorrectSQLJobRestartDataCorrectSQLJobReruns a failed SQL task for data change.
ListDataImportSQLPreCheckDetailListDataImportSQLPreCheckDetailQueries the precheck information of SQL statements used for data import in a ticket.
ListDataImportSQLTypeListDataImportSQLTypeQueries the types of SQL statements used for data import in a ticket.
GetDataImportSQLGetDataImportSQLQueries the SQL statements used for data import in a ticket.
SkipDataCorrectRowCheckSkipDataCorrectRowCheckSkips the verification on the number of rows in the precheck for data change.
Schema designSchema design
CreatePublishGroupTaskCreatePublishGroupTaskExecutes a schema design ticket.
ListDDLPublishRecordsListDDLPublishRecordsQueries the publishing details of a schema design ticket.
Data exportData export
CreateDatabaseExportOrderCreateDatabaseExportOrderCreates a database export ticket.
CreateDataExportOrderCreateDataExportOrderCreates a ticket to export an SQL result set.
ExecuteDataExportExecuteDataExportExecutes a data export ticket.
GetDataExportPreCheckDetailGetDataExportPreCheckDetailQueries the precheck details of an SQL result set export ticket.
GetDataExportDownloadURLGetDataExportDownloadURLQueries the download URL of the file that records the export results for a data export ticket in Data Management (DMS).
GetDatabaseExportOrderDetailGetDatabaseExportOrderDetailQueries the details of a database export ticket.
GetDataExportOrderDetailGetDataExportOrderDetailQueries the information about a data export ticket.
SQL reviewSQL review
CreateSQLReviewOrderCreateSQLReviewOrderCreates a SQL review ticket.
GetSQLReviewCheckResultStatusGetSQLReviewCheckResultStatusQueries the result of an SQL review.
ListSQLReviewOriginSQLListSQLReviewOriginSQLQueries the details of the SQL statements that are involved in an SQL review ticket.
GetSQLReviewOptimizeDetailGetSQLReviewOptimizeDetailQueries the details of optimization suggestions. The operation applies only to the tickets for the data changes and SQL review.
Data trackingData tracking
CreateDataTrackOrderCreateDataTrackOrderCreates a data tracking ticket.
GetDataTrackJobDegreeGetDataTrackJobDegreeQueries the progress of a data tracking task.
GetDataTrackJobTableMetaGetDataTrackJobTableMetaQueries the metadata of tables involved in a data tracking task.
GetDataTrackOrderDetailGetDataTrackOrderDetailQueries the details of a data tracking ticket.
SearchDataTrackResultSearchDataTrackResultSearches for the parsing result of a data tracking task.
DownloadDataTrackResultDownloadDataTrackResultDownloads the parsing result of a data tracking task.
QueryDataTrackResultDownloadStatusQueryDataTrackResultDownloadStatusQueries the download and parsing progress of data tracking logs.
File uploadFile upload
CreateUploadFileJobCreateUploadFileJobCreates a task to upload an attachment file.
CreateUploadOSSFileJobCreateUploadOSSFileJobCreates a task to upload an Object Storage Service (OSS) file and obtain the key of the task.
GetUserUploadFileJobGetUserUploadFileJobObtains the information of a file upload task.

SQL task management

ListDBTaskSQLJobListDBTaskSQLJobQueries a list of SQL tasks.
ListDBTaskSQLJobDetailListDBTaskSQLJobDetailQueries the details of an SQL task.
GetDBTaskSQLJobLogGetDBTaskSQLJobLogQueries the log that records the scheduling details of an SQL task.
GetOnlineDDLProgressGetOnlineDDLProgressQueries the details and progress of an OnlineDDL task.

Permission management

SetOwnersSetOwnersConfigures the owner of an instance, a database, or a table.
ListInstanceUserPermissionsListInstanceUserPermissionsQueries the permissions of a user on an instance.
ListDatabaseUserPermssionsListDatabaseUserPermssionsQueries the permissions of users on a database.
ListUserPermissionsListUserPermissionsQueries the permissions of a user on databases and tables.
GrantUserPermissionGrantUserPermissionGrants permissions on an instance, a database, or a table to a user.
RevokeUserPermissionRevokeUserPermissionRevokes the permissions on instances, databases, and tables from a user.

Security management

Security rule set managementSecurity rule set management
CreateStandardGroupCreateStandardGroupCreates a security rule set.
ListStandardGroupsListStandardGroupsQueries security rule sets.
UpdateStandardGroupUpdateStandardGroupModifies the name and description of a specific security rule set.
Sensitive field managementSensitive field management
AddDesensitizationRuleAddDesensitizationRuleAdds a masking rule.
ListDesensitizationRuleListDesensitizationRuleQueries a list of masking rules.
ModifyDesensitizationStrategyModifyDesensitizationStrategyModifies the masking rule bound to a specified field.
ListClassificationTemplatesListClassificationTemplatesQueries the classification templates.
ListSensitiveDataAuditLogListSensitiveDataAuditLogQueries the audit logs for sensitive information.
ListSensitiveColumnsListSensitiveColumnsQueries sensitive fields.
ListSensitiveColumnsDetailListSensitiveColumnsDetailQueries the details of a sensitive field.
ChangeColumnSecLevelChangeColumnSecLevelAdjusts the sensitivity level of fields.
ListSensitivityLevelListSensitivityLevelQueries the sensitivity levels of a classification template.
Authority templateAuthority template
GrantTemplateAuthorityGrantTemplateAuthorityGrants permissions on resources to users by using a permission template.
RevokeTemplateAuthorityRevokeTemplateAuthorityRevokes permissions on resources from Data Management (DMS) users by using a permission template.
CreateAuthorityTemplateCreateAuthorityTemplateCreates a permission template
UpdateAuthorityTemplateUpdateAuthorityTemplateModifies a permission template.
GetAuthorityTemplateItemGetAuthorityTemplateItemQueries the resources in a permission template.
GetAuthorityTemplateGetAuthorityTemplateQueries the information about a permission template.

Data query

ExecuteScriptExecuteScriptExecutes SQL statements.

Data development

Task orchestrationTask orchestration
UpdateTaskFlowConstantsUpdateTaskFlowConstantsUpdates the constants for a specified task flow.
DeleteTaskFlowDeleteTaskFlowDeletes a task flow.
OfflineTaskFlowOfflineTaskFlowUnpublishes a published task flow.
ListTaskFlowListTaskFlowQueries task flows.
GetTaskInstanceRelationGetTaskInstanceRelationQueries the information about the nodes in an execution record of a task flow.
ListTaskFlowInstanceListTaskFlowInstanceQueries the execution records of a task flow.
ListDAGVersionsListDAGVersionsQueries the published versions of a task flow.
ReDeployLhDagVersionReDeployLhDagVersionRedeploys one of or all the published versions of a task flow.
UpdateScenarioUpdateScenarioUpdates the name and description of the business scenario for a specified task flow.
ResumeTaskFlowInstanceResumeTaskFlowInstanceResumes a suspended task flow.
UpdateTaskContentUpdateTaskContentUpdates tasks in a task flow.
ListTaskFlowsByPageListTaskFlowsByPageQueries task flows by page.
ListScenariosListScenariosQueries business scenarios.
UpdateTaskConfigUpdateTaskConfigUpdates the advanced configuration of a task node.
ListTaskFlowConstantsListTaskFlowConstantsQueries the constants for a task flow.
BackFillBackFillBackfills data for a task flow.
UpdateTaskTimeVariablesUpdateTaskTimeVariablesUpdates time variables for a task.
ListTaskFlowTimeVariablesListTaskFlowTimeVariablesQueries the time variables for a task flow.
UpdateTaskFlowTimeVariablesUpdateTaskFlowTimeVariablesUpdates the time variables for a task flow.
UpdateTaskFlowCooperatorsUpdateTaskFlowCooperatorsUpdates the IDs of the users who are involved in the task flow.
CreateScenarioCreateScenarioCreates a business scenario to group task flows by business scenario.
DeleteScenarioDeleteScenarioDeletes a business scenario.
UpdateSLARulesUpdateSLARulesUpdates the timeout reminder for the service level agreement (SLA) rules of a task flow.
GetRuleNumLimitOfSLAGetRuleNumLimitOfSLAQueries the maximum number of custom service-level agreement (SLA) rules for task orchestration.
GetIntervalLimitOfSLAGetIntervalLimitOfSLAQueries the minimum scheduling cycle of a task flow when a service level agreement (SLA) timeout rule is configured for the task flow.
ListDefaultSLARulesListDefaultSLARulesQueries the default service level agreement (SLA) timeout rules.
ListTaskFlowCooperatorsListTaskFlowCooperatorsQueries the users that are involved in a specified task flow.
ListSLARulesListSLARulesQueries the custom service level agreement (SLA) rules of a task flow.
GetTaskGetTaskQueries the configurations, including time variables, of a specified task node based on the task node ID.
MoveTaskFlowToScenarioMoveTaskFlowToScenarioMigrates a task flow to a specified business scenario.
GetTaskFlowNotificationGetTaskFlowNotificationQueries the notification settings for task flows.
UpdateTaskNameUpdateTaskNameUpdates the name of a specified task.
UpdateTaskOutputUpdateTaskOutputUpdates the output variables for a specified task node.
DeleteTaskFlowEdgesByConditionDeleteTaskFlowEdgesByConditionDeletes task flow edges based on multiple conditions.
ListTaskFlowEdgesByConditionListTaskFlowEdgesByConditionQueries the edges of the directed acyclic graph (DAG) for a specified task flow based on multiple conditions.
AddTaskFlowEdgesAddTaskFlowEdgesAdds directed edges for an existing task node.
UpdateTaskFlowNameAndDescUpdateTaskFlowNameAndDescUpdates the name and description of a task flow.
GetTaskFlowGraphGetTaskFlowGraphQueries the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) of a task flow.
UpdateTaskFlowEdgesUpdateTaskFlowEdgesUpdates the start node and end node of multiple edges at a time for a task flow.
UpdateTaskFlowOwnerUpdateTaskFlowOwnerChanges the owner of a task flow.
UpdateTaskFlowScheduleUpdateTaskFlowScheduleUpdates the scheduling properties for a task flow.
UpdateTaskFlowRelationsUpdateTaskFlowRelationsFully updates the edges of a task flow.
UpdateTaskFlowNotificationUpdateTaskFlowNotificationUpdates the notification settings for task flows.
ListTasksInTaskFlowListTasksInTaskFlowQueries the tasks in a specified task flow.
CreateTaskFlowCreateTaskFlowCreates a task flow.
SuspendTaskFlowInstanceSuspendTaskFlowInstanceSuspends a task flow instance.
ReRunTaskFlowInstanceReRunTaskFlowInstanceReruns a task flow instance.
MakeTaskFlowInstanceSuccessMakeTaskFlowInstanceSuccessSets the status of a task flow to "Successful".
DeleteTaskDeleteTaskDeletes a task in a specified task flow.
PublishAndDeployTaskFlowPublishAndDeployTaskFlowPublishes and deploys a task flow.
StopTaskFlowInstanceStopTaskFlowInstanceStops a task flow instance.
CreateTaskCreateTaskCreates a task node for a task flow.
Data warehouse developmentData warehouse development
CreateLakeHouseSpaceCreateLakeHouseSpaceCreates a workspace for data warehouse development in Data Management (DMS).
GetLhSpaceByNameGetLhSpaceByNameQueries the information about a workspace based on the workspace name in Data Management (DMS).
DeleteLakeHouseSpaceDeleteLakeHouseSpaceDeletes a workspace.
ListLhTaskFlowAndScenarioListLhTaskFlowAndScenarioQueries the task flows corresponding to a specific business scenario in a workspace in Data Management (DMS).
AddLhMembersAddLhMembersAdds a workspace administrator, a workspace member, or a task flow developer in Data Management (DMS).
DeleteLhMembersDeleteLhMembersRemoves a workspace member or a task flow developer in Data Management (DMS).
ChangeLhDagOwnerChangeLhDagOwnerTransfers the ownership of a task flow in a workspace of Data Management (DMS).


ListEffectiveOrdersListEffectiveOrdersQueries valid orders.
RefundPayAsYouGoOrderRefundPayAsYouGoOrderUnsubscribes from a pay-as-you-go Data Management (DMS) resource.