Jenkins is an open-source program written in Java. It can be used as a continuous integration server. The Script Security and Pipeline plug-in is a security plug-in of Jenkins and can be integrated into various functional plug-ins of Jenkins.

Alibaba Cloud Security has discovered that the exploitation methods of the remote code execution vulnerability in Jenkins Script Security and Pipeline (CVE-2019-1003000) have been revealed on the Internet. Users with overall or read permissions can bypass sandbox protections and execute arbitrary code in Jenkins.

Vulnerability description: Jenkins Security Advisory 2019-01-08

Policy: Command execution

Risk level: High

Impacted plug-ins:
  • Declarative Plug-in versions earlier than
  • Groovy Plug-in versions earlier than 2.61.1
  • Script Security Plug-in versions earlier than 1.5.0

Policy-based protection: Cloud Firewall provides basic firewall policies to fix this vulnerability. We recommend that you enable Intrusion Prevention to use the basic policies.