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Cloud Service Integration Introduction

Last Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Alibaba Cloud BaaS’s Cloud Service Integration provides you with convenient on-chain and off-chain collaboration functions, which reduce your integration costs; At the same time, Cloud Service Integration also provides you with REST API service to avoid the tedious blockchain SDK configuration process, you can directly call smart contracts, query blocks, query transactions, and subscribe events on the chain through the REST API.

Note: You need to open a ticket to Alicloud support team to enable this function.


Cloud Service Integration Usage

Connect to Function Compute

When you want various events on the blockchain to trigger off-chain business logic automatically, you can upload the business logic code to the Function Compute. By integrating with the Function Compute service, when the configured event occurs on the chain, BaaS will push events into the function that you configured in console. For a detailed example, please refer to Blockchain Event Triggering External Operation.

Connect to Message Queue RocketMQ

By integrating with the Message Queue RocketMQ service, BaaS will reliably and automatically publish events on the blockchain to specific topics of the Message Queue RocketMQ according to the configuration. Other applications can subscribe to these event messages in MQ for further processing. For a detailed example, please refer to Send Blockchain Events to Message Queue.

Connect to External HTTP Service

By integrating with external HTTP service, you can enable various events on the blockchain automatically trigger your own business applications or third-party services, and push the event content to them for further processing.

Content Moderation

Due to the immutable nature of the blockchain, if there is illegal information stored in the blockchain, it will be difficult to clear separately. By integrating with Alibaba Cloud Content Moderation service, you can avoid such problems and prevent illegal information from being uploaded to the blockchain. For an example of usage, please refer to Invoke with Content Moderation.

Connect to Database

Generally blockchain data is in key-value format, which is inconvenient for data query and analysis. By integrating with relational database, BaaS can reliably and automatically export blockchain data to target database table according to your configuration. Other applications can process the data via SQL statement or analysis tools further. For an example of usage, please refer to Export Blockchain Data to Database.


Using the REST API, you can use Alibaba Cloud user identity to invoke or query smart contracts, query blocks or transactions on the blockchain network, and subscribe to events that occur on the blockchain network. For usage examples, please refer to Use REST API.