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Install Cloud Service Integration

Last Updated: Apr 03, 2020

With Cloud Service Integration, you can integrate the blockchain with other cloud services, and you can invoke smart contracts directly through the REST API, write or query information in the blockchain, and subscribe blockchain events. You need to open a ticket to Alicloud support team to enable this function.

Before installing Cloud Service Integration, you need to have an organization or create an organization. Cloud Service Integration will access the blockchain network and subscribe blockchain events as a user of that organization. You can install Cloud Service Integration by following these steps:

  1. Login to Alibaba Cloud BaaS Console
  2. On the overview page, locate the target organization and click Cloud Service Integration on the right
  3. In the tips message at the top of the Cloud Service Integration page, click Install NowInstall

  4. In the pop-up dialog, click Install Service


    1. It takes several minutes to install the Cloud Service Integration. During the installation, you can click Install Now again to check the progress of the installation; after the installation is successful, the Install Now prompt will disappear.
    2. Installing the Cloud Service Integration means that you agree to authorize Alibaba Cloud BaaS to help you create and host the identity of some users on the blockchain to access the blockchain network on behalf of your cloud account; after the installation is successful, we will automatically help you map your alibaba cloud identity to blockchain.

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