This topic describes the real-time monitoring feature. Database Autonomy Service (DAS) provides the real-time monitoring feature for ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL instances. This feature allows you to view the real-time performance of your RDS instance.


Your RDS instance runs one of the following MySQL versions and RDS editions:
  • MySQL 8.0 on RDS High-availability or Enterprise Edition
  • MySQL 5.7 on RDS High-availability or Enterprise Edition
  • MySQL 5.6 on RDS High-availability Edition
  • MySQL 5.5 on RDS High-availability Edition

Open the Real-time Monitoring tab

  1. Access RDS Instances, select a region at the top, and then click the ID of the target RDS instance.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Database Autonomy Service (CloudDBA) > Diagnostics.
  3. Click the Real-time Monitoring tab.
    Real-time monitoring
    Note For more information, see Real-time monitoring.