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Alibaba Cloud DNS:Scenarios

Last Updated:Apr 22, 2020

Scenario 1: Build a website

With an A record, you can associate a website domain name with the IP address of the Web server to ensure that the website is accessible.

Scenario 2: Send and receive emails

With an MX record, you can configure DNS records based on the configurations provided by the mailbox provider to ensure that you can send and receive emails.

Scenario 3: Balance load across servers

If multiple servers serve the same business, you can use the weighted round-robin mechanism to balance loads across servers.

Scenario 4: Provide services to cross-network and cross-region users

You can configure intelligent DNS resolution to provide resolution services to users that are dispersed across different ISPs or regions. This feature ensures that resolution results are returned based on the geographic locations or network environments of users.

Scenario 5: Use CDN to accelerate resource access

You can improve the performance of your website by configuring a CNAME record for the alias provided by the CDN service provider.

Scenario 6: Defend against DNS flood attacks

You can use the DNS attack defense feature provided by Alibaba Cloud DNS to avoid business disruption due to DNS flood attacks. DNS attack defense can protect your domain names against DNS flood attacks with a maximum of 500 thousand DNS queries per second.