To ensure data security, ApsaraDB for MongoDB controls access to databases through database account and password verification and an IP address whitelist.

Database Account

  • To access ApsaraDB for MongoDB, users must pass account authentication.
  • A root user account is generated after creating a ApsaraDB for MongoDB instance. Users can specify the password during or after the instance creation.
  • By default, the root user account has complete ApsaraDB for MongoDB management permissions. Users can use the root user account to add or operate other accounts.

IP address whitelists

ApsaraDB for MongoDB provides the IP whitelist to implement network security access control.

By default, the whitelist contains only the IP address, which means no IP address can access the ApsaraDB for MongoDB instance. You can add IP addresses to a whitelist on the security controls page of the console or by using an API operation. Updating the IP whitelist does not require a restart, and therefore does not affect the running instance..