After you enable the LogSearch/Analytics function, in addition to entering a query condition in the search box, you can save frequently used queries to the following locations:

  • Dashboard
  • Saved Search
  • Saved Search


  1. 1.Enter the query and analysis statement in the search box and then click Search.
  2. Add a dashboard for the query and analysis view.  Select a view on the query and analysis page, and click Add to Dashboard.
  3. In the displayed dialog box, click New or Add to Existing Dashboard. Enter the dashboard name and the table name.
Figure 1. Add to Existing Dashboard

Dashboard sample:

Figure 2. Dashboard

Other operations

  • View: View an existing Dashboard in the following ways.
    • Click LogSearch/Analytics > Dashboard in the left-side navigation pane to view the dashboard.
    • On the query and analysis page, click New Tab in the left-side navigation pane and click the dashboard tab on the displayed page to view the dashboard. 
  • Edit: Click Edit on the dashboard page to adjust the icon attributes, size, and location. You can also click Full Screen or Refresh for better effect.


  • Each project can create up to five dashboards. Each dashboard can create at most 10 analytic queries for simultaneous display.
  • Display by line charts, bar charts, pie charts, numeric values, and area charts is supported. 
  • You can customize the positions and adjust the sizes of individual charts.

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