Data Management Service (DMS) allows you to operate data in an ApsaraDB for Redis instance in view mode or command window mode.

View mode

In view mode, you can click the corresponding buttons to add, delete, modify, and query data of a database, as described in the following sections.

Add data

Click New in ①. In the dialog box that appears, set Key Name and Type in ②. Then, click OK.

In the Value area in ③, enter a value and click Commit in ④. Then, click OK in ⑤.

Delete data

Select the target key and choose Delete > OK.

Modify data

Modify the name of a key

Right-click the target key and select Rename. In the Rename Key dialog box that appears, enter a new name and click OK.

Modify the value of a key

Select the target key. In the Value area, modify the value and click Commit.

Query data

In the search box on the left, enter the name of a key and click the Search icon. The key appears under the search box.

Command window mode

In command window mode, you can run commands to operate a database. The procedure is as follows.

  1. In the top navigation bar, click Command Window in ①.
  2. Enter a Redis command in the command input box in ② and click execute. The command is run.
Notice For more information about Redis commands that ApsaraDB for Redis supports, see Supported Redis commands.