Internet architecture has many advantages in scalability and cost performance over traditional IT architecture. Alibaba Cloud is a platform that can help enterprise customers migrate their IT systems to cloud-native architectures. Advanced Database & Application Migration (ADAM) can help enterprise customers migrate their IT systems to the cloud in an easy and reliable manner.


ADAM allows you to migrate IT systems from their original operating environments to the cloud. ADAM excels in transforming traditional IT architecture into Internet architecture. For example, you can use ADAM to migrate data from Oracle databases to PolarDB.

ADAM provides smooth cloud migration for Oracle databases during the entire migration lifecycle, including database and application evaluation (compatibility, association, performance, risks, and focus areas of application transformation), conversion of incompatible areas and engine features, schema migration, data migration, consistency check, SQL simulation and playback, cutover, and optimization. ADAM helps you reduce migration costs and time to as little as 10%. In addition, ADAM provides database and application migration solutions based on your data platforms and business to help you migrate your Oracle databases to the cloud.