Domain registrant profile indicates the domain registration template that contains all necessary information for submitting a domain name registration. Once a registrant profile is created and saved, you can access its details during domain name registration to simplify the information filling process.


You can create a registrant profile either on the Registrant Profiles page or during a domain name registration.

When purchasing a domain name, you must select a Registrant Profile to confirm the order. In case no registrant profile has been created, you must click Create Registrant Profile to add one.

Alternatively, follow these steps to create a registrant profile:

  1. Log on to the  Alibaba Cloud Domain console and go to the Registrant Profiles page.
  2. Click Create Registrant Profile on the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Enter all the required information, and then click Save.
    All the fields in a registrant profile are necessary, and we recommend that you provide compete, genuine, and valid information.
  4. Once a registrant profile is added to the list, click corresponding Verify Now to verify the registrant’s email address.  According to the requirements of ICANN policies, the domain name registrant’s email address must be genuine and valid.

On the Registrant Profiles page, you can also perform the following actions on an existing profile:

  • Set as default: to set this profile as default for registration.
  • Delete: to delete this profile.
  • View: to view the details.