In case of any changes to your domain name information, including changes to your registrant's email address or phone number, or the administrative contact, you must modify the domain name information promptly to ensure that the information is accurate. This topic describes how to modify domain name information.


  1. Log on to the Domain console.
  2. On the Domain Name List page, find the target domain name, and click Manage in the Action column.
  3. Go to the Basic Information page. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Information Modification and modify the registrant information such as the name, address, and email address. Click Next.
  4. Select a verification method. If you use the modified email address of the registrant for verification, click Get Verification Code next to the email address.
  5. Enter the verification code received at the email address, and click OK.

After the domain name information is successfully modified, Alibaba Cloud will send a notification to the original and new email addresses respectively.

Modify registration information of internationalized domain names

Scenario: The information of an international domain name changes or is incorrect

According to the rules of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and regulations of the domain name registration agreement, Alibaba Cloud, as a domain name registrar, will send notifications on domain registration information updates to registrants' email addresses. You need to check the domain information promptly. In the event of any changes to or errors in the domain information, update the domain information as soon as possible to ensure that your domain name information is correct.

Impact of failure to update domain name information promptly

If your domain name information is incorrect or fails to be updated promptly, you may miss important notifications about the domain name, which may endanger your domain name. According to the provisions on domain name registration, if you provide false or invalid registration information or fail to update your registration information promptly, your domain name may be deleted.

Conditions for modifying the registration information of internationalized domain names
  • Internationalized domain names must be registered at Alibaba Cloud.
  • NSI internationalized domain names must be managed at Alibaba Cloud.
Information and procedure for modification

The registration information of internationalized domain names that can be modified includes the information of the registrant, administrative contact, billing contact, and technical contact. For more information about how to modify the registration information of internationalized domain names, see Modify domain name information.