Once you register a domain name from Alibaba Cloud or transfer your own domain name to Alibaba Cloud Domain service, you can always go to the Alibaba Cloud Domain console to perform management on these domain names. The functionality mainly involves maintaining domain name information and resolution, changing security settings, and viewing operation logs.

Domain name maintenance

Basic information

You can modify basic information of your domain names, such as domain name registrant, contact email,  and expiration date.

Change DNS server

You can change the current DNS server to another DNS server. After the modification, the new DNS server will be responsible for domain name resolution.

Build a DNS host

You can build your own DNS server by using the current domain name to provide resolution services. Expertise is required for creating a DNS host. So we recommend you not to create it by yourself.

Transfer domain name out of Alibaba Cloud

You can transfer a domain name registered in Alibaba Cloud to a registrar other than Alibaba Cloud.

Domain name resolution

Domain Name Resolution indicates the way your domain names are resolved to their mapped IP address. The majority of resolutions from domain names to IP addresses are done through a procedure called DNS. After the resolution, the domain name can be used to access Internet in a much more convenient way.

Domain name security

Transfer prohibition lock

The transfer prohibition lock can prevent unauthorized outbound domain name transfers. This service effectively prevents domain names from being transferred from Alibaba Cloud and domain name registrant information from being modified without authorization.

Domain name proxy service

Domain name proxy service can protect the identity and personal information of registrants, administrators, technical contacts, and payers by making the registration information unavailable in the WHOIS database. Enabling this service reduces the amount of spam you receive, minimizes the amount of personal information that is available, and does not affect using your domain name.

Update prohibition lock

The domain name update prohibition lock can lock your domain name and protect your domain name registration information against unauthorized modification or tampering.  This service is an effective method to protect registration information of domain names.

Operation logs

Your operations on the domain name can be viewed, such as domain name registration, adding/changing/deleting resolution records, and changing DNS server.