OSS provides the following APIs:

Service-related operations

API Description
GetService Obtains all buckets owned by a specified account.

Bucket-related operations

API Description
PutBucket Creates a bucket.
PutBucketACL Sets the ACL for a bucket.
PutBucketLogging Enables the logging function for a bucket.
PutBucketWebsite Sets a bucket to static website hosting mode.
PutBucketReferer Configures hotlink protection rules for a bucket.
PutBucketLifecycle Configures lifecycle rules for the objects in a bucket.
GetBucket (ListObject) Gets the information about all objects in a bucket.
GetBucketAcl Gets the ACL for a bucket.
GetBucketLocation Gets the location information about the data center to which a bucket belongs.
GetBucketInfo Obtains the information about a bucket.
GetBucketLogging Views the configuration of the logging function for a bucket.
GetBucketWebsite Views the static website hosting status of a bucket.
GetBucketReferer Views the hotlink protection rules for a bucket.
GetBucketLifecycle Views the lifecycle rules for the objects in a bucket.
DeleteBucket Deletes a bucket.
DeleteBucketLogging Disables the logging function for a bucket.
DeleteBucketWebsite Disables the static website hosting mode for a bucket.
DeleteBucketLifecycle Deletes the lifecycle rules for the objects in a bucket.

Object-related operations

API Description
PutObject Uploads an object
CopyObject Copies an object to another object.
GetObject Gets an object.
AppendObject Appends the upload data to the end of an object.
DeleteObject Deletes an object
DeleteMultiple Objects Deletes multiple objects.
HeadObject Returns only the metadata of an object but not the object content.
GetObjectMeta Returns the metadata of an object, including the ETag, Size (object size), and LastModified and does not return the object content.
PostObject Uploads an object in Post mode.
PutObjectACL Sets the ACL for an object.
GetObjectACL Gets the ACL for an object.
Callback Enables the callback function.
PutSymlink Creates a symbol link.
GetSymlink Obtains a symbol link.
RestoreObject Restores an object.
SelectObject Queries objects using SQL statements.

Operations related to multipart upload

API Description
InitiateMultipartUpload Initializes a MultipartUpload event.
UploadPart Uploads an object in multiple parts.
UploadPartCopy Uploads and copies an object in multiple parts.
CompleteMultipartUpload Complete the MultipartUpload event for an object.
AbortMultipartUpload Cancels a MultipartUpload event.
ListMultipartUploads Lists all ongoing MultipartUpload events.
ListParts Lists all parts successfully uploaded in a MultipartUpload event with a specified upload ID.

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

API Description
PutBucketcors Sets a CORS rule for a specified bucket.
GetBucketcors Gets the current CORS rules for a specified bucket.
DeleteBucketcors Disables the CORS function for a specified bucket and clears all the CORS rules.
OptionObject Specifies the preflight request for cross-region access.

Operations related to LiveChannel

API Description
PutLiveChannelStatus Switches the status of LiveChannel.
PutLiveChannel Creates a LiveChannel.
GetVodPlaylist Gets the specified playlist.
PostVodPlaylist Generates a playlist.
GetLiveChannelStat Gets the stream pushing status of a LiveChannel.
GetLiveChannelInfo Gets the configurations of a LiveChannel.
GetLiveChannelHistory Gets the stream pushing record of a LiveChannel.
ListLiveChannel Lists LiveChannels.
DeleteLiveChannel Deletes a LiveChannel.