API overview

Last Updated: Jun 06, 2017

Basic concepts

The terms in this document are described in Basic Concepts of OSS.

Service operations

API Description
GetService Obtain all the buckets of a specified account.

Bucket operations

API Description
Put Bucket Crate a bucket.
Put Bucket ACL Set the bucket access permission.
Put Bucket Logging Enable logging for the bucket.
Put Bucket Website Configure static website hosting for the bucket.
Put Bucket Referer Configure anti-leech rules for the bucket.
Put Bucket Lifecycle Configure lifecycle rules for objects in the bucket.
Get Bucket Acl Get the bucket access permission.
Get Bucket Location Get the location information about the data center to which the bucket belongs.
Get Bucket Logging View the access log configuration of the bucket.
Get Bucket Website View the static website hosting status of the bucket.
Get Bucket Referer View anti-leech rules for the bucket.
Get Bucket Lifecycle View the lifecycle rules of objects in the bucket.
Delete Bucket Delete the bucket.
Delete Bucket Logging Disable the access logging feature of the bucket.
Delete Bucket Website Disable the static website hosting mode of the bucket.
Delete Bucket Lifecycle Delete the lifecycle rules of objects in the bucket.
Get Bucket(List Object) Get information of all the objects in the bucket.

Object operations

API Description
Put Object Upload an object.
Copy Object Copy an object to make it another object.
Get Object Get an object.
Delete Object Delete an object.
Delete Multiple Objects Delete multiple objects.
Head Object Get the object meta information.
Post Object Upload an object in the Post mode.
Append Object Append the upload data at the end of the object.
Put Object ACL Set the object ACL.
Get Object ACL Get the object ACL information.
Callback Upload callback.

Multipart upload operations

API Description
Initiate Multipart Uploade Initialize a multipart upload event.
Upload Part Upload files in multiple parts.
Upload Part Copy Copy and upload files in multiple parts.
Complete Multipart Upload Complete the multipart upload of the entire file.
Abort Multipart Upload Cancel a multipart upload event.
List Multipart Uploads List all the ongoing multipart upload events.
List Parts List all successfully uploaded parts mapped to a specific upload ID.

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

API Description
Put Bucket cors Configure a CORS rule for a specified bucket.
Get Bucket cors Get the current CORS rules of a specified bucket.
Delete Bucket cors Disable the CORS function for a specified bucket and clear all the rules.
Option Object Preflight request for cross-region access.
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