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Last Updated: Apr 11, 2018

To allow developers to use Log Service more efficiently, Log Service provides software development kits (SDKs) in multiple languages (Java, .NET, Python, PHP, and C). Select to use an appropriate version as per your needs.

Log Service SDKs are implemented based on Log Service APIs and provide the same capabilities as Log Service APIs. For more information about the Log Service APIs, see API reference.

Similar to Log Service APIs, you must have an enabled Alibaba Cloud AccessKey (consisting of AccessKey ID and AccessKey Secret) to use Log Service SDKs. For more information, see AccessKey.

To use Log Service SDKs, you must know the service endpoint of Log Service in each Alibaba Cloud region. For how to specify the root endpoint in an SDK, see SDK configurations.

Though the implementation details of Log Service SDKs vary with different languages, the SDKs can be considered as Log Service APIs encapsulated in different languages and basically implement the same functions as follows.

  • Unified encapsulation of the Log Service APIs, removing your need to build specific API requests and parse responses. The interfaces in various languages are similar, facilitating your switch between different languages.
  • Digital signature logic for the Log Service APIs, greatly reducing the complexity of using APIs as you can ignore details of the API signature logic.
  • Encapsulation of logs collected to Log Service in the Protocol Buffer format, allowing you to write logs without caring about the details of Protocol Buffer format.
  • Implementation of the compression method defined in the Log Service APIs, removing the need to focus on the compression details. SDKs in some languages allow you to specify whether or not to write logs in the compression mode. (By default, the compression mode is used.)
  • Unified error handling method, allowing you to handle request exceptions in the method that languages are familiar with.
  • Currently, SDKs in all languages only support synchronous requests.

The download addresses, usage instructions, and complete programming references of SDKs in different languages are as follows.

SDK language Relevant document Source code
Java Quick start and Interface reference GitHub
.NET Quick start and Interface reference GitHub
PHP Quick start and Interface reference GitHub
Node.js GitHub
Python Quick start, Interface reference, and README GitHub
C Usage instructions GitHub
GO Usage instructions GitHub
iOS Usage instructions GitHub
Android Usage instructions GitHub
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