This topic describes how to activate a Web Application Firewall (WAF) instance.


  1. Enter the WAF product overview page on the Alibaba Cloud official website, and log on with your Alibaba Cloud account.
  2. Click Buy Now.
  3. On the WAF purchase page, configure the following parameters.
    Parameter Configuration method
    Region Select the region of the WAF server. You can choose from the following values:
    • Mainland China
    • Global, which includes Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, US West, Australia, Germany, India, and Indonesia.
    Note You do not need to select a region when you buy WAF. The system automatically selects the optimal region after you configure the origin server.
    Plan Select a WAF subscription plan. You can choose from the following values:
    • Pro
    • Business
    • Enterprise
    • Exclusive
    Note Specification describes the specifications of the selected subscription plan. For more information, see WAF subscription plans.
    Extra Domain Enter the number of extra domains.
    Note If you are adding multiple top-level domains or more than 10 domains to WAF, we recommend that you buy extra domains. For more information, see Extra domains.
    Exclusive IP Enter the number of exclusive WAF IP addresses.
    Note You can buy an exclusive WAF IP address and assign it to a specific domain. For more information, see Exclusive IP addresses.
    Extra Traffic Specify the extra bandwidth in the unit of Mbit/s.
    Note If the total bandwidth of your websites exceeds the service bandwidth of WAF, we recommend that you buy extra bandwidth. For more information, see Extra bandwidth.
    Duration Select the validity period of the WAF instance. You can choose from the following values:
    • One Month
    • Three Months
    • Six Months
    • One Year
    • Two Years
    • Three Years
    Activate a WAF instance
  4. Click Buy Now to complete the payment.
    Notice WAF does not support unconditional refunds or partial refunds.