This topic describes how to activate Alibaba Cloud WAF.


  1. Go to the Alibaba Cloud official website Web Application Firewall product details page and log on to your Alibaba Cloud account.
  2. Click Buy Now.
  3. On the Web Application Firewall purchase page, complete the following configuration.
    Parameter Description
    Region The location of the WAF service host. Optional values:
    • China Mainland
    • Global (serving in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, US East, US West, Australia, Germany, India, Indonesia, and Dubai)
    Note When you create a configuration, the optimal geolocation is automatically selected.
    Plan The subscription plan. Optional values:
    • Pro
    • Business
    • Enterprise
    Note The Specification describes the features covered by the selected plan. For more information, see WAF subscription plans.
    Extra Domain The number of extra domains to activate.
    Note If you want to enable WAF protection for more than one domain names or more than 10 sub-domain names, you can buy an extra domain quota. For more information, see Extra domain quota.
    Exclusive IP The number of exclusive WAF IP addresses to activate.
    Note An exclusive WAF IP helps you prevent an important domain name from being affected when other domain names associated with the same WAF IP suffer from massive DDoS attacks. For more information, see Exclusive WAF IP.
    Extra Traffic The extra WAF bandwidth to activate, in Mbps.
    Note If the default bandwidth of your WAF subscription plan does not suit your business requirement, you can purchase extra bandwidth. For more information, see Extra bandwidth.
    Service Time The subscription duration. Optional values:
    • One Month
    • Three Months
    • Six Months
    • One Year
    • Two Years
    • Three Years

  4. After you complete the configuration, click Buy Now and complete the payment.