Price overview

Last Updated: Aug 07, 2017

EIP address fees are collected according to the actual network traffic and are billed hourly.

Billing method

EIPs support Pay-As-You-Go billing, a post payment method.

Billing model

  • Pricing cycle: 1 hour

  • Billing cycle: 1 hour

  • Billing items:

    • Retention fee:

      • Cost = price * retention time, each EIP address is charged independently.

      • Price: Refer to the price table.

      • Retention time: Billed hourly, parts less than one hour are rounded up to one hour.

    • Traffic fee:

      • Cost = price * billing traffic, each EIP address is charged independently.

      • Price: Refer to the price table.

      • Charged traffic: The cumulative value of the EIP address's outbound traffic in an hour. Outbound traffic refers to data transferred from the Alibaba Cloud data center to the Internet, the reverse is inbound traffic.

      Note: Modifying the bandwidth limitation does not affect the unit price. Although, we recommend that you set the bandwidth based on your actual needs to avoid generating excess billing traffic due to malicious access.

The following table lists the price of EIP addresses in different regions.

Region Traffic Fee (USD/GB/Hour) Retention Fee (USD/Hour)
East China 1 (Hangzhou)/North China 2 (Beijing) / South China 1 (Shenzhen) / East China 2 (Shanghai) 0.125 0.003
Hong Kong 0.1563 0.009
Singapore 0.117 0.006
Asia Pacific NE 1 (Japan) 0.12 0.005
Central Europe 1 (Frankfurt) 0.07 0.006
Middle East 1 (Dubai) 0.447 0.009
US East 1/US West 1 0.078 0.005

Note: The price may have changed, refer to the EIP address console for current prices.

Billing example

  • Assume that you purchased an EIP address in the East China 1 region at 9:30 and set the bandwidth limit to 10 Mbit/s.

  • Then, you immediately bound this EIP address to an ECS instance and started your business.

  • You made two bandwidth changes that day:

    • At 17:00, the bandwidth was changed from 10 Mbit/s to 20 Mbit/s.
    • At 23:00, the bandwidth was changed from 20 Mbit/s to 15 Mbit/s.


According to the pricing model, the total cost of this EIP address on that day is $7.5465 USD (retention fee + traffic fee).

  • Retention fee
    • The EIP address used a total of 14.5 hours, billing time is taken as 15 hours.
    • The retention fee in the East China 1 region is $0.0031 USD per hour.
    • The total retention fee of the EIP address is 0.0031 * 15 = $0.0465 USD.
  • Traffic fee
    • The total traffic consumed by the EIP address that day is 60 GBs.
    • The traffic fee in the East China 1 region is $0.125 USD per GB.
    • The total traffic fee is 0.125 * 60 = $7.5 USD.
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