Why Alibaba Cloud CDN

Last Updated: May 17, 2018

The advantages of applying CDN are described in the following section.

Stable and fast

  • Advanced distributed system architecture: 1300+ globally.

  • Adequate bandwidth and storage resources: a single node provides a bandwidth of more than 40 Gbps and a storage capacity of 40 TB to 1.5 PB.

  • Stable and efficient performance indicators: greater than 95% hit rate and video fluency rate, as well as millisecond-level response time.

  • Mature monitoring and service systems: 24/7 network-wide monitoring, smart monitoring and scheduling based on service quality.


  • With scalable resources, you are charged only for resources you use, and can achieve cross-carrier, cross-region network-wide coverage.

  • Two billing methods are provided, PayByTraffic and PayByBandwidth, to satisfy different business needs.

  • The service automatically responds to site traffic spikes and makes adjustments without user intervention, reducing pressure on the origin site.

Easy to use

  • You can add, delete, modify, and query domain names on your own by using a wide range of simple custom configuration options. CDN supports customizing anti-leech measures, cache policies, HTTP request headers, and other functions.

  • The open API interfaces provide functions such as service activation, content refreshing, monitoring data retrieval, and distribution log downloads.

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