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API overview

Last Updated: Dec 06, 2017

RDS instance management

API Description
CreateDBInstance Create an RDS instance.
DeleteDBInstance Release an RDS instance.
RestartDBInstance Restart an RDS instance.
DescribeDBInstanceAttribute View the details of an RDS instance.
DescribeDBInstances View an RDS instance table.
ModifyDBInstanceSpec Change the type of an RDS instance.
AllocateInstancePublicConnection Apply for an Internet connection string.
ReleaseInstancePublicConnection Release an Internet connection string.
SwitchDBInstanceNetType Apply for an intranet connection string.
DescribeDBInstanceNetInfo View all connection strings.
ModifyDBInstanceConnectionString Modify a connection string.
ModifyDBInstanceConnectionMode Change the RDS instance access mode.
ModifyDBInstanceNetworkType Change the RDS instance network type.
DescribeDBInstanceIPArrayList View the IP address whitelist of an RDS instance.
ModifySecurityIps Modify the IP address whitelist of an RDS instance.
DescribeRegions Query the RDS region and zone information.
DescribeDBInstanceHAConfig Query the RDS zone information and data replication status.
MigrateToOtherZone Migrate to an RDS instance zone.
PurgeDBInstanceLog Clear RDS instance logs.
UpgradeDBInstanceEngineVersion Upgrade the RDS instance version.
ModifyDBInstanceDescription Modify the RDS instance remarks.
ModifyDBInstanceMaintainTime Change the RDS instance maintenance time.
ModifyDBInstanceHAConfig Modify the policies of RDS instance data replication and high availability.
SwitchDBInstanceHA Switch between the master and backup RDS instances.
CreateReadonlyDBInstance Create a read-only RDS instance.

RDS database management

API Description
CreateDatabase Create a database.
DeleteDatabase Delete a database.
DescribeDatabases View the database list.
ModifyDBInstanceDescription Modify database remarks.

RDS account management

API Description
CreateAccount Create an account.
DeleteAccount Delete an account.
DescribeAccounts View the account list.
GrantAccountPrivilege Authorize account privileges.
RevokeAccountPrivilege Revoke account privileges.
ModifyAccountDescription Modify account remarks.
ResetAccountPassword Reset a password.
ResetAccount Reset an account.

RDS backup recovery

API Description
CreateBackup Create a backup instance.
DescribeBackups View the backup instance list.
CreateTempDBInstance Create a temporary instance.
DescribeBackupPolicy View a backup policy.
ModifyBackupPolicy Modify a backup policy.
RestoreDBInstance Restore a backup set to an instance.

RDS monitoring management

API Description
DescribeResourceUsage View instance resource usage.
DescribeDBInstancePerformance View instance performance data.
DescribeDBInstanceMonitor Query monitoring behaviors.
ModifyDBInstanceMonitor Modify monitoring behaviors.

RDS parameter management

API Description
DescribeParameterTemplates View a database parameter template.
DescribeParameters View the database parameter run list of the current instance.
ModifyParameter Modify the database parameter list.

RDS log management

API Description
DescribeSlowLogs View the slow log list.
DescribeSlowLogRecords View slow log details.
DescribeErrorLogs View error logs.
DescribeBinlogFiles View binlogs.
DescribeSQLCollectorPolicy Query the SQL collection status.
ModifySQLCollectorPolicy Change the SQL collection status.
DescribeSQLLogRecords Query SQL log details.

RDS data migration

API Description
CreateUploadPathForSQLServer Obtain the address used for file upload.
DescribeFilesForSQLServer View the data file list.
ImportDataForSQLServer Obtain the address used for file upload.
DescribeImportsForSQLServer View the import list.
ImportDatabaseBetweenInstances Migrate from other instances.
CancelImport Cancel migration.

RDS performance optimization

API Description
DescribeSQLLogReports View SQL log run reports.
DescribeSQLLogRecords Query SQL log details.
DescribeOptimizeAdviceOnMissIndex Advice on missing index handling.
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