RDS instance management

API Description
Create an RDS instance Create an RDS instance.
Delete an RDS instance Release an RDS instance.
Restart an RDS instance Restart an RDS instance.
View instance attributes View the details of an RDS instance.
View the RDS instance list View an RDS instance table.
Change the RDS instance type Change the type of an RDS instance.
Enable or disable the database proxy Change the RDS instance access mode.
View RDS region and zone information Query the RDS region and zone information.
View RDS zone information and data replication statuses Query the RDS zone information and data replication status.
Migrate the RDS instance zone Migrate the zone of an RDS instance.
Clear RDS instance logs Clear RDS instance logs.
Upgrade the database version of an RDS instance Upgrade the RDS instance version.
Modify the description of an RDS instance Modify the RDS instance remarks.
Modify the RDS instance maintenance time Change the RDS instance maintenance time.
Modify the instance data replication mode and high-availability switching rules Modify the data replication mode and high-availability policy for an instance.
Switch between the master and slave databases of an RDS instance Switch between the master and slave RDS instances.
Create a read-only instance Create a read-only RDS instance.

RDS database management

API Description
Create a database Create a database.
Delete a database Delete a database.
View the database list View the database list.
Modify database remarks Modify database remarks.
Copy a database for SQL Server 2008 R2 Copy a database in SQL Server 2008 R2.
Copy databases between instances Copy databases between SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2016 instances.

RDS account management

API Description
Create an account Create an account.
Delete an account Delete an account.
View the account list View the account list.
Grant account permissions Authorize account permissions.
Revoke account permissions Revoke account permissions.
Modify account descriptions Modify account remarks.
Reset the account password Reset a password.
Reset an account Reset an account.

RDS backup and recovery

API Description
Create backups Create a backup instance.
Clone RDS instances Clone an RDS instance.
View the backup list View the backup instance list.
Create a temporary instance Create a temporary instance.
View the backup policy View a backup policy.
Modify the backup list Modify a backup policy.
Recover a backup set to an instance Restore a backup set to an instance.
Delete data backup files Delete data backup files.

RDS monitoring management

API Description
View the instance resource usage View the instance resource usage.
View instance performance data View instance performance data.
Query monitoring behavior Query monitoring behavior.
Modify monitoring behavior Modify monitoring behavior.

RDS parameter management

API Description
View database parameter templates View the database parameter template.
View the list of currently running instance database parameters View the database parameter operating list of the current instance.
Modify the database parameter list Modify the database parameter list.

RDS data migration

API Description
Obtain a file upload address Obtain the address used for file upload.
View the database file list View the data file list.
View the import list View the import list.
Migrate data from other RDS instances Migrate data from other instances.
Cancel an import task Cancel migration.