Security Center Enterprise Edition provides the asset fingerprints feature that collects and records server information, including ports, software, accounts, processes, middleware, and the time when the information is collected. The asset fingerprints data helps you gain an overview of your assets. This topic describes how to view asset fingerprints data.


Asset fingerprints data is collected. For more information, see Collect asset fingerprint data.

View fingerprints data of all assets

  1. Log on to the Security Center console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Investigation > Asset Fingerprints.
  3. On the Asset Fingerprints page, select a tab to view the relevant fingerprint data.
    View asset fingerprints data

    Each tab contains two sections to display information, including ports, software, processes, accounts, scheduled tasks, and middleware.

    • The section on the left side provides a list of fingerprints, including all asset fingerprints and the number of servers related to each fingerprint. You can enter a fingerprint name in the search box to search for a specific fingerprint.
    • Click a fingerprint in the list on the left side and the details of the fingerprint appear in the section on the right side. You can enter a keyword in the search box to search for a fingerprint.
    Note All search boxes support fuzzy match.
    • Ports: The total number of listening ports. Ports
    • Software: The total number of software assets. Software
    • Processes: The total number of processes. Processes
    • Accounts: The total number of server accounts. Accounts
    • Scheduled Tasks: The total number of scheduled tasks.Scheduled tasks
    • Middleware: The total number of middleware assets. You can view the details of the middleware on your assets, including the middleware name, the server that hosts the middleware, the ID of the process used to start the middleware, the middleware installation path, and the time when the middleware is last detected.Middleware