The asset fingerprints feature collects and records information about ports, software, processes, accounts, and middleware on your servers. It also provides you with the details of your servers and the time when the information is collected. You can use this feature to view the details and running status of your assets. This topic describes how to view asset fingerprints data.


View the fingerprints data of all assets

  1. Log on to the Security Center console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Investigation > Asset Fingerprints.
  3. On the Asset Fingerprints page, click a tab to view the fingerprints data.
    Asset Fingerprints

    The Port, Software, Process, Account, Scheduled Tasks, and Middleware tabs each display the specific type of the fingerprints information.

    • The section on the left side provides a fingerprints list, including all asset fingerprints and the number of servers related to each fingerprint. You can enter a fingerprint name in the search box above the fingerprints list to search for a fingerprint.
    • In the fingerprints list, you can click a fingerprint to view the details of the fingerprint, which appear on the right side of the page. You can enter a keyword in the search bar to search for the fingerprint.
    Note Fuzzy match is supported.
    • Port n: n indicates the total number of listening ports. Port
    • Software n: n indicates the total number of software assets. Software
    • Process n: n indicates the total number of processes that are running. Process
    • Account n: n indicates the total number of server accounts. Account
    • Scheduled Tasks n: n indicates the total number of scheduled tasks.Scheduled Tasks
    • Middleware n: n indicates the total number of middleware assets. You can view the details of a middleware asset. The details include the middleware name, the server that hosts the middleware, the ID of the process used to start the middleware, the middleware installation path, and the last time when the middleware is scanned.Middleware