"With Alibaba Cloud, KasPro is able to grow and develop its product and services without any hassle. In the near future, KasPro will migrate from its self-built database to ApsaraDB for RDS to achieve more success with Alibaba Cloud."

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About KasPro

KasPro is a mobile-based application with electronic money (e-money) licensed by Bank Indonesia, which allows users to perform financial transactions, such as money transfer, money deposit, installment payments, and to purchase items such as airtime, data packages, and game vouchers. KasPro facilitates users with convenient payment and purchase services using QR Codes. It provides users with cutting-edge features such as Virtual Account platform (KasPro Bank), e-money top up, and utility payments.


KasPro needed to build a scalable and secure application to cope with the massive amount of data it faces every day. It was also aiming to provide better services for the local community through enhanced analytics, in addition to being compliant with local regulations and certified by BI and OJK. When the government enforced strict regulations for fintech and finance providers in Indonesia, KasPro, along with Digiasia's subsidiaries, needed to migrate its services hosted abroad to Indonesia. The company was in search of a cloud provider that could support its transition in a short amount of time, and also provided services running in Indonesia with local and international compliance certifications. In addition, KasPro needed the cloud provider to fulfill its critical requirements, including: • Security-compliant cloud environment. • Monitoring Feature for asset management and easy troubleshooting. • Security Management Feature for protection from ransomware, various viruses, web tampering and another cyber attack. • Vulnerability, baseline checking, and configuration assessment report for "security audit and compliance". • Anti-DDoS, Cloud Firewall, and IPS.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Since the introduction of strict regulations for fintech companies in Indonesia, one of KasPro's key requirements is to have its infrastructure physically built in Indonesia. KasPro chose Alibaba Cloud as its preferred cloud provider not only for meeting this requirement, but also for the completeness of its services. Furthermore, the stability of Alibaba Cloud's services reduced the burden on KasPro's administrators. The team was also able to familiarize with Alibaba Cloud's services without assistance owing to its intuitive design and easy to use console.


Most of KasPro’s infrastructure runs on Elastic Compute Service supported by Server Load Balancer to distribute the incoming traffic. For security purposes, NAT Gateway is used for all outgoing connections originating from services located in the gateway layer (outer most layer). At the database layer, ApsaraDB for RDS and ApsaraDB for Redis are deployed by KasPro to store their crucial business data and to enable fast information retrieval for customers. For partner interconnections, KasPro is utilizing VPN Gateway as well as Express Connect for critical services, which provide very low latency.

Looking Forward

With Alibaba Cloud, KasPro is able to grow and develop its product and services without any hassle. In the near future, KasPro will migrate from its self-built database to ApsaraDB for PolarDB to achieve more success with Alibaba Cloud.