Tuya Smart

Focused on making our lives smarter through offering a cloud platform that connects a range of devices via the IoT,
including Commercial Lighting & Building Solution, House & Real estate Solution and Hospitality Solution.

Tuya (HK) Limited

Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391) is a key partner of Alibaba Cloud.

Both parties make full use of respective product capabilities and enterprise strengths to provide complete solutions and services for industry customers.

Solution Scenario and Benefits

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    Solution Scenarios

    · Smart Hospitality (SaaS & PaaS & Cube)
    · Smart Residential (SaaS & Cube)
    · Commercial Lighting (SaaS & Cube)
    · Smart Home (SaaS & Cube)

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    Technical Benefits-Smart Hospitality

    Brand owner’ accounts are designed for organizations across the hospitality industry who can hugely profit from having their own branded smart hotel solution. Tuya will take care of the hardware and software, allowing you to focus on delivering turnkey IoT solutions to your hotel clients, from installation through to post-sales support.

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    Technical Benefits-Smart Residential

    Through the Internet of Things technology, Tuya will create a convenient, safe, intelligent interconnection, high-tech AI smart community for the real estate and property industries, and effectively improve the happiness of residents' lives.

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    Technical Benefits-Commercial Lighting

    Tuya have powerful project management platform with a centralized display of project information, service support for digital operations, and data to help with business intelligence.

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    Technical Benefits-Smart Home

    Tuya Smart Home includes a wealth of bottom interfaces that can be expanded infinitely, covering all the needs of indoor life, and at the same time covering all categories of smart hardware.

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    Business Benefits

    · Low-code Development PlatformOne-stop Service.
    · 7,600+ Number of Customers Empowered.
    · Global Cloud Deployment.
    · About 2,700 Product Category.
    · 120,000+ Radiation Global Channels.

Customer’s Challenges & Our Advantages

Customer Success Stories


Jurny, the hospitality Tech company

Open basic information、device capability、application capability and smart applications services for Jurny to do data integration.

House & Real estate

Top real estate group in Thailand

The customer wants to introduce Tuya's advanced IoT technologies and elevate its new real estate project with a smart home platform. The Tuya-empowered smart home solution will enhance home owners' living experience, improve property management efficiency, and boost the company's business development.

Commercial Lighting Building

Himalaya 24Hours bookstore

The Himalaya 24h Digital Bookstore hopes to create an intelligent unattended cultural space and to unify the operational status of all bookstores. Tuya Smart interconnects intelligent devices such as smart lamps, air switches, metering devices, IPC devices and sensors to establish a linkage mode for different scenarios and achieve intelligent management of the study.