Techsun on Alibaba Cloud

Founded in March 2021, Techsun is a high-tech enterprise that provides intelligent solutions for customer
interaction for retail brands.

Social Hub.AI

Automate interactive conversations in Al Call, WhatsApp, Messenger, and EDM to grow your brand.

Techsun is mainly aimed at global retail brands and its Social Hub.AI solution adopts the integrated design of CRM, CDP and MA. Provide customer management and marketing tools including omni-channel data collection and integration, consumer analysis, transaction analysis, customer label management, loyalty management, marketing calendar, marketing automation, message templates, etc., which can help brand enterprises quickly build integrated customer management and automated marketing capabilities and promote new activities more efficiently. Achieve sustained and rapid business growth.

Solution Highlights

  • Real-time Analysis

    Built-in ChatGPT and understand large language models (LLM). Real time analyze customer preferences and purchase behaviour.

  • Personalized Content

    Comprehensively analyze customer behavior and habits, generate more personalized marketing emails to improve your email open rate.

  • Product recommendation

    Support to add product recommendation module in email. Personally recommend product with huge data sets recommend algorithms.

  • Professional Support for Kafka

    Understand tag-customer lifecycle value (CLTV) and send different emails. For example, recommend the lastest activities to lead-in period customer, etc.

  • Human Resources Saving

    Automatically generate email content in the way you need, so your marketing team can focus on planning campaigns and other tasks instead of writing email content.

  • Multi-language Writing

    Support multi-language email writing, so that you will no longer have to worry about the cross-border business communication and translation barriers.

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