Sensors Digital Operations & Marketing Solution

Sensors softwares can provide a one-stop platform for big data analysis and operation, can help enterprises to achieve full digitalization of operation and marketing process!

Three major functions to fully meet the needs of enterprises' digital operation and marketing.

Sensors Analytics

Sensors Analytics can provide a professional data analysis platform, serving multiple departments. Based on the users' business characteristics and multi-department complex needs, Sensors Analytics can establish an efficient data indicator system, abstract user behaviors with advanced event models, and provide cross-analysis capabilities with multiple dimensions and indices. In this way, it can fully support the daily data analysis needs of each team and drive business decision-making.

Sensors Personas

Sensors Persona is a user analysis platform, launched for enterprise-level customers. It provides the ability to explore user characteristics and portraits, de-identify and analyze users, clustering and segmentation, and view the evolution of the user's full life cycle through historical feature changes. The main functions include the processing and production of feature tags, user feature and portrait analysis, and user group management.

Sensors Focus

Sensors Focus is an automated operation and marketing platform that integrates activity creation, execution, management, feedback, and iteration. It can screen groups of people through user behavior, attributes, tags and other infomation, achieve precise reach of target groups, and improve key indicators and operational efficiency.

Product Highlights

Enterprises can easily get started with 10 data analysis models with flexibly combination and second-level response. Data analysts can explore key behaviors and gain insights into the various growth. The product can merge multi-source data, identify unique users and help enterprises build a labeling and portrait system to enable businesses to achieve refined user operations and precise marketing. The product Provides an automated operation platform to achieve precise reach of target groups and improve key indicators and operational efficiency.

Product Service Module and Function

Sensors Analytics

professional data analysis

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Sensors Analytics & Personas

professional data analysis, user data management

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Sensors Analytics & Focus

professional data analysis, one-stop intelligent operations

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Sensors Analytics & Personas & Focus

professional data analysis, user data management, one-stop intelligent operations

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Sensors Implementation Service

for the first deployment of the software

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Sensors Continuous Service

for the renewal service of the software

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Benefits Description

With Sensors softwares, enterprises can achieve global data integration, professional analytics and flexible application based on the cloud-native infrastructure, to build the closed-loop digital operations and marketing solution.
● Global Data Integration
The product can provide multi-terminal collection based on SDKs and data interconnection, which supports unified user identification and business data integration.
● Professional Analytics
The product can provide analytics models, metrics system and user label system.
● Business Enablement
The product can achieve refined operations on users, data-driven product intelligence and data-driven decision-making.
● Cloud-Native Infrastructure
The product is based on the on-cloud auto scaling and global data management services, which reduce O&M costs.

Customer Success Stories Material

Game Industry

Data Operations Solutions throughout the Entire Life Cycle of Games

Constructs a data mid-platform for the game enterprise, realizes refined game operations, and continuously explores player value. Through player behavior analysis, player portrait construction, and customer intelligent operations, the product helps game enterprises increase their revenue.

Financial Industry

Customer-centric Digital Financial Workflow

Builds a customer-centric digital operations workflow, makes core competitiveness, consolidates the foundation of enterprises' data, establishes a 360° customer panoramic view. Using in-depth data insights promotes the iterative, and helps the financial industry realize closed-loop of data driving to release productivity.

Retail Industry

Consumer Data Platform Helps Brands Achieve Business Goals

Constructs a consumer data platform (CDP) to realize the closed-loop digital operations for consumers through global domains, and helps retail brands open up public and private domain data. In this way, it comes to forming comprehensive consumer insights and realizing refined marketing.

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