Protegrity Sensitive Data Protection Solution on Alibaba Cloud

Protegrity protects sensitive data anywhere and everywhere to create secure data agility that aligns with the speed of modern business on Alibaba Cloud.

Solution Architecture

Protegrity is built for data ubiquity to secure data whatever it is and wherever it resides.

It empowers intelligence-driven organizations to use data to drive innovation with secure analytics and artificial intelligence, without fear of violating compliance or jeopardizing privacy.

Protegrity unleashs the power of secure data, safeguards privacy, ensures data is protected everywhere, and fuel innovation with secure AI.

Solution Highlights


Data Privacy

Protegrity empowers businesses to future-proof their data security and regulatory compliance, protects shared data and supports initiatives to improve the customer experience with Privacy Protect.


Analytics Security

Protegrity empowers businesses to leverage their data assets to understand customer behavior, drive digital transformation, explore new revenue sources, and centralize complex cloud security policies.


Hipaa & Regulatory Compliance

Protegrity empowers healthcare organizations and insurance payers to meet HIPAA and regulatory compliance requirements now and in the future.


Secure cloud migration

Protegrity empowers businesses to progress with On-Premise, Hybrid and Cloud Migration initiatives using our Cloud Data Protection Platform.

Solution Methods

Vaultless Tokenization

Vaultless Tokenization

Tokenization is reversible and an excellent method for protecting individual fields of data in transactional or analytical systems because the data type and length do not change.

Encryption (Including FPE)

Encryption (Including FPE)

Data encryption technology uses mathematical algorithm and cryptographic keys to alter data into binary ciphertext. Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE) combines some of the benefits of encryption and tokenization.

Static & Dynamic Data Masking

Static & Dynamic Data Masking

Static Data Masking (SDM) is used to protect data in test and development environments (non-production). Dynamic Data Masking (DDM) is used to protect data on the move.



Anonymization is a unique data protection method offered by Protegrity, especially in cases where the customer does not need to "re-identify" the data.

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