Live Online

It supports multi-terminal deployment, recording and playback, voice connection to microphone and other functions to meet the needs of e-commerce, entertainment and other live broadcast industries. It only needs $ 232.56 per month to build its own live broadcast platform.

Features of Live Online Products


The e-commerce live broadcast solution meets various live broadcast needs of enterprises, such as online video live broadcast, e-commerce shopping live broadcast, sports entertainment, education, and training. It also helps enterprises expand their brands and business.


  • Support Multi-Port Deployment

    • Arbitrary switching between horizontal and vertical screens meets the different viewing experiences of users, offers simple and fast multi-terminal deployment, supports millions of users’ online interaction, and displays high-definition pictures.

  • E-Commerce Live Broadcast Function

    • It integrates video live broadcast technology to help enterprises upgrade their e-commerce business and drive sales growth using big data + AI.

  • Online Gift Reward Function

    • The system comes with 20+ kinds of gifts. You can customize gifts online to encourage interactivity.

  • Complete Background Management System

    • Data statistics, user management, merchandise management, order management, and other functions can build a closed-loop big data live broadcast platform management system for enterprises.

Other Advantages of Live Online

Sensitive Word Detection

Covers a variety of graphic recognition and review capabilities, recognizes sensitive words, and ensures good user management and user experience.

High-Quality Picture without Delay

The stable and smooth high-definition picture attracts millions of concurrent online viewers.

Simple and Fast Integrated Deployment

Realize professional video live broadcast effects without any external equipment.

Customer Success Stories

In the past, it was difficult to analyze the teaching management data from the teaching process of our vocational education. Alibaba Cloud offers live video broadcast products that can teach online with smooth and free live screens, making the digital management of teaching more efficient. The visual background management system can be viewed in real-time. The online live broadcast of teaching has helped us solve a variety of teaching management problems.

After each live training broadcast, the lecturer can view the student sign-in status, live broadcast overview, interactive data, and completion of learning tasks from the background of the live broadcast. This process can help the lecturer grasp the learning situation of each student and provide targeted services. After accessing the low-latency technology of Alibaba Cloud Live Broadcast, the live broadcast delay will no longer be a problem. The low latency (as low as one second) helps the trial class proceed smoothly.

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