EMQ Automotive Solution on Alibaba Cloud

Providing IoT infrastructure solutions, connects people, vehicles, roads and the cloud

Solution Overview and Architecture

Interconnecting people, vehicles, roads, and the cloud based on EMQ’s IoT infrastructure software and MQTT protocol.

Providing IoT infrastructure solutions for intelligent networking, autonomous driving and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) for vehicle manufacturers, T1 suppliers, after-market service providers, and travel service companies.

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Solution Highlights

Connecting massive vehicles

EMQ provides multiple protocol access. It not only guarantees vehicles’ massive TBox connections via diverse protocols, it also collects, processes, and analyzes messages from the Electrical/Electronic Architecture, Automotive OS, Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System, Autonomous Driving System, and other sub-systems at the network edge. EMQ adopts front-end and back-end separation and a fully asynchronous, distributed cluster architecture. This provides better support for the access of MQTT, GB/T32960, JT/T808, and other IoV protocols.

V2X Information Interaction

EMQ interconnects road-side infrastructure, such as cameras on road, MMW radar, laser radar, and MEC to support CVIS applications. It coordinates the road-side infrastructure, in-vehicle units at edge, and applications in the cloud and powers the information exchange capability of V2X.

Soft Real-time and high concurrency of data transmission

Connected vehicle networks and autonomous driving require real-time and highly concurrent data exchange at the application level. EMQ is built on the Erlang/OTP platform, a language platform characterized by soft real-time, low latency and distributed, which serves the purpose of IoV very well.


EMQ provides an extensible authentication and authorization chain. It supports authentication via an internal or external DB, certificates, and third-party platforms, and it supports TLS/DTL encrypted transmission and bi-directional certificate authentication. EMQ protects access and provides complete data security.

High Availability and Extensibility

EMQ’s distributed cluster architecture enables horizontal expansion; it supports node automatic discovery, auto clustering, auto-healing from a network partition, and auto removal of a downed node. EMQ’s layered modular design supports multi-language extension. EMQ provides a highly reliable and easy-to-expand overall architecture, and ensures a reliable and available interconnection layer for the intelligent network system.

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