Wallyt E-Wallet Solution on Alibaba Cloud

Benefits more from E-wallet in terms of data and useability

Features of E-Wallet Product


Nowadays, consumers are shifting their attention to digital wallets because “it is the future”. Apart from that, e-wallets offer more benefits than physical wallets in terms of data and useability.


  • Diversified Fund Management

    • With quick top up, card binding, P2P transfer, scan to pay, etc., the E-wallet can serve as a convenient payment tool for mobile recharge, e-voucher purchasing and cross-border remittance.

  • Secured Payment Environment

    • Secured with plenty of robust technologies, such as tokenization, passwords, biometrics, point-to-point encryption, out-of-band authentication, and one-time password (OTP) via SMS.

  • Multiple Marketing Scenario

    • General marketing tools like discount and cashback can be found in our solution, and more possibility can be achieved in the future.

Our Solutions

Easy, Fast Self-Registration and KYC
One step to accomplish self-registration. Two steps to finish KYC process by verify personal info and setting payment password.
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Instant Payments Between Wallets
Money transfer between the payer wallet and the payee wallet happens within seconds, instead of within hours or business days.
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Payments To and From Bank Accounts
Variety of options for wallet user to send and receive money with just a few clicks wherever they are and whenever they need.
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