Building a fast
security and SD-WAN fabric

with Cisco Meraki vMX listed on Alibaba Cloud Marketplace

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Businesses are increasingly relying on distributed computing services to manage day-to-day operations and customer relationships. These distributed systems, however, can be complex, lack fundamental security features, and be disconnected from one another. In a highly competitive landscape, seamless connectivity is a business outcome enabler.

Come learn about how businesses can take advantage of industry-leading security and SD-WAN across all distributed computing services spanning those on the Alibaba Cloud platform, on-premises data centers, other major hyperscalers, and more.

Solution Technical and Business Benefits

Technical Benefit-Multi-cloud Connection

Catalyst8000v is highly integrated with the cloud, supports mainstream cloud vendors, and completes multi-cloud automatic deployment on one controller interface;

Technical Benefits-SD-WAN Build Global Network

Point-to-point networking, simple link scheduling, easy to O&M.

Technical Benefit-Security Management (SASE)

Easy to deploy, use, and O&M; Full-featured SDWAN networking and cloud security protection capabilities.

Technical Benefit-Network Access Monitoring

End-to-end network visualization to quantify access experience on multiple clouds; In the network environment of multi-cloud access, monitor the performance of hybrid cloud/multi-cloud connectivity and third-party API in cloud VPC.

Business Benefits

· Cheap Price
· One-stop Service
· Mature Product
· Global Compliance
· Multinational O&M
· 7*24 Global Coverage

Building a fast
security and SD-WAN fabric

  • 14:00-14:30


    Building a fast security and SD-WAN fabric


  • Time

  • Topic

  • Speaker

  • 14:00-14:10
  • Alibaba Cloud Presence, Technical Partnership Program, and Partnership with Cisco

  • Jason Xu

    Ecosystem Solutions, Alibaba Cloud
  • 14:10-14:20
  • Challenges Customers face today and Cisco Meraki vMX Solution

  • Pratik S. Desai

    Product Marketing, Cisco Meraki
  • 14:20-14:30
  • Business Outcomes with a lower operational cost and increased business agility

    Reduce complexity without losing control

    Lower operational cost

    Increased business agility
  • Simarbir Singh

    Product Management, Cisco Meraki


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Jason Xu

Ecosystem Solutions, Alibaba Cloud

Jason Xu is the Lead Solutions Architect in charge of Alibaba Cloud common solutions and ecosystem solutions, especially infrastructure solutions (such as compute, network, storage, security, and cloud-native). Jason holds a computer science master's degree and has 20 years of information technology and software industry experience. Prior to Alibaba Cloud, Jason worked at IBM for 14 years.

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Pratik S. Desai

Product Marketing, Cisco Meraki

Pratik Desai is a Product Marketing Manager at Cisco Meraki, where he is focused on helping deliver best-in-class connectivity experiences across hybrid cloud and 5G fixed wireless access. He earned a double Masters in Business Administration and Public Policy from the University of Chicago.

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Simarbir Singh

Product Management, Cisco Meraki

Simarbir Singh is a Technical Marketing Engineer on the Cisco Meraki MX Product team focusing on Virtualization and SD-WAN.

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Cisco Meraki vMX

The Cisco Meraki vMX allows for the near-instant creation of a hybrid cloud that unifies all distributed computing resources on Alibaba Cloud and more on a common security and SD-WAN fabric.

  • Delivery Method: Image
  • Architecture: 64-bit
  • Operating System: Linux
  • Latest Version: 15.37.0