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AroundDeal is globally recognized as a leading B2B data intelligence platform in the Asia-Pacific (APAC),
trusted by over 100,000 customers and users worldwide.


Our database includes over 120 million contacts and 30 million companies, providing comprehensive and accurate data such as emails and phone numbers, along with valuable company insights data.

AroundDeal not only provides data but also offers an intelligent platform. Our aim is to help marketers, sales reps, and recruiters in quickly finding and connecting target contacts, evaluate the competitive environment, obtaining high-value business intelligence and growth opportunities.

Solution Highlights

  • Business Process Management (BPM)

    Supercharge productivity with streamlined business processes. Streamline and optimize essential business processes with Weaver BPM platform. Boost efficiency, reduce errors, and drive growth.

    •Streamline task management and automate complex processes using workflows.
    •Automate processes with forms and workflows.
    •Facilitate integration with third-party systems and databases.

  • Document Management System (DMS)

    Enables users to efficiently manage, store, track, search, access, and collaborate on all documents within a single platform.

    •Streamline document approval process through automated workflows
    •Facilitate real-time collaboration among multiple parties.
    •Implement role-based access control for enhanced security
    •Automatically archive documents for easy retrieval and storage

  • Low-Code Development

    Create forms, workflows, and apps using Weaver e-Builder’s low-code platform, even if you have no coding experience.

    •Easily customize your apps by drag-and-drop form fields and workflow nodes.
    •Access support for APIs and connectors to enhance functionality.
    •Tailor apps creation to your preferences with ease.

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